The Dark Knight edged past Shrek 2 this weekend to become the third highest grossing film of all time.

'Dark Knight' Continues To Break Records

on August 10, 2008 by Phil Contrino

By Phil Contrino

Four weeks into its theatrical release, The Dark Knight is still breaking records.

This weekend it was able to edge past Shrek 2 as the third highest grossing film of all time. In addition, it should also easily top the second highest grosser, the original Star Wars with $460.9 million, by this coming weekend.

Whether or not Knight will be able to top Titanic 's all-time leading haul of $600.7 remains to be the seen, and it will face strong competition this coming week from Tropic Thunder and Star Wars: The Clone Wars and that will almost certainly lead to the end of its run at #1.

In addition to topping Shrek 2 this weekend, Knight also became the first film since 2003's The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King to stay #1 for four straight weekends.

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