The Dark Knight is now officially the #2 all-time highest grossing film, but will it have the stamina to dethrone Titantic?

'Knight' Snags #2 All-Time Blockbuster Spot

on August 17, 2008 by Phil Contrino

By Phil Contrino

After weeks of beating almost every record in its path, The Dark Knight is now the #2 highest grossing film of all time.

With an estimated total haul of around $470 million after this weekend, Knight has banked enough to top 1977's Star Wars which previously held the #2 spot with $461 million.

Knight 's next milestone is $500 million, which is obtainable within the next two weeks or so. The end of August is never the most successful time of the year, and the Caped Crusader will face less-than-imposing opposition when the likes of The House Bunny, College and Babylon A.D. open in the weeks to come.

As for topping Titanic, which currently holds the #1 spot with $600.8 million, that's probably still a stretch unless Warner Bros. re-releases the film in theatres later this fall before it hits DVD. Another option would be to re-release it theatrically after the Oscar nominations are announced. At this point, Heath Ledger is all but a lock for a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category and said nomination could provide a surge of interest in the film.

Even if Knight eventually falls shy of the #1 spot, it has already had a very successful run. The film has amassed such impressive records as the highest opening weekend gross and the fastest movie to hit the $400 million mark. Knight has also been a huge success for the IMAX format and it's causing more filmmakers to embrace the format.

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