BOXOFFICE spoke to Transporter 3 director Olivier Megaton about tackling the exploits of Frank Martin.

Megaton Talks 'Transporter 3'

on November 22, 2008 by Phil Contrino

While they are not nearly as successful as any film in the Bond series or the Bourne trilogy, the Transporter films have gained a strong following of their own. In addition, they've helped launch the career of action star Jason Statham.

For the third installment in the series, French director Olivier Megaton has stepped up to provide his take on the exploits of wheelman Frank Martin.

Megaton has known Luc Besson, the producer/co-writer of the series, for about 12 years. When Besson approached Megaton about the project they both knew right away that they wanted to provide a fresh take and not repeat anything that was done in the other two films.

“At the very beginning we knew that we wanted to do something different, not because we didn’t like the previous one but, you know, time passes and we had to make another thing,” Megaton told B OXOFFICE.

As far as comparisons to Bourne and Bond are concerned, Megaton feels that the series is becoming more like the latter.

“I think definitely in this one we are getting closer to James Bond logic,” said Megaton. “It’s really an action film for a large audience.”

Now that Transporter has built its audience through two films, the third film is in a position to be the most financially successful one yet. Will Megaton be back for another installment?

“What was interesting there was to have a new vision about the two other ones," said Megaton of his work on the film. "I think Luc, if he wants to do another one, will look for another director with another vision.”

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