BOXOFFICE was able to catch up with Lisa Ray, the star of I Can't Think Straight.

Bollywood Meets Hollywood

on December 02, 2008 by Marco Cerritos

Whether she is returning to her native India to participate in the latest Bollywood production or at home in Toronto navigating a sea of film scripts, actress Lisa Ray is grateful to be a working actress. Mostly known for her turns in the independent films Bollywood/Hollywood and Water, she explores the turbulent family dynamic of a forbidden love in her new film, I Can’t Think Straight. Ray considers herself lucky to have found such an interesting character to play when it’s hard enough just to get an actual film role.

“I think these days just being a working actor is a challenge so I consider myself very fortunate and blessed,” Ray told B OXOFFICE from her home in Toronto.

Ray remains optimistic about the film business amidst all the drama it entails, even though she acknowledges that it is “a huge act of heroism to get any film done.” When the subject turns to the Toronto Film Festival, she feels a bit saddened by the small festival that has grown into a celluloid Frankenstein.

“For us Torontonians it’s like the homegrown boy that’s gone off and done well for himself. But now he’s gotten a little too big for his boots. Maybe they can’t see anymore the reason we come together is to actually celebrate films. It’s become more of a factory I guess," said Ray.

For her own career decisions Ray trusts her instincts and she has found comfort from working with directors such as Deepa Mehta ( Water, Bollywood/Hollywood ) more than once.

“I figure in my own career path it’s not very traditional in any sense. So I figure I’ve already been doing things my way for a while so I’ve been trying to choose projects ideally according to a certain relationship or dynamic. I’ve learned through trial and error that directors are one of the most important elements in the whole mix.”

I Can’t Think Straight is now playing in selected cities.

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