BOXOFFICE takes a look at three horror movies that are all opening in January. Will there be room for all of them?

A Terrifying Month

on January 08, 2009 by Phil Contrino

By Phil Contrino

Coming off the rush of serious dramas that were released in December, the month of January is going to be all about thrills.

Starting this weekend with The Unborn, horror enthusiasts will suddenly be bombarded by one horror flick after another. Coming after Unborn, January 16th will see the release of My Bloody Valentine 3D, followed by the January 30th unveiling of The Uninvited.

Unborn faces some stiff competition this weekend from Bride Wars. Still, the horror film should be able to carve out a respectable niche in the 18-49 male demographic. While all the advertisements for the film stress that Unborn is from Batman Begins scribe David S. Goyer and producer Michael Bay, it's really Odette Yustman, the beautiful female lead, who is being used to sell the film to male audiences. One of the posters for Unborn really says it all:


While genre fans may recognize Yustman from her supporting turn in 2008's Cloverfield, that won't necessarily be a deciding factor. On the other hand, the trailers for the film will may certainly help entice audiences. They've been playing frequently on television and in theatres, and they reveal at least a couple decent scares. With all those factors in mind, Unborn could grab close to $10 million during its debut frame.

One week later, My Bloody Valentine 3D will certainly have to compete with Unborn for the attention of horror fans. Just like Unborn, Lionsgate is utilizing a little bit of a "Sex sells" approach in its marketing. While certainly playing up the notion of a horror film presented in 3D, the studio is also stressing the fact that it will make a great date movie. Again, with a tagline that reads, "Nothing says date night like a 3D ride to hell," the poster says it all:


The competition from Unborn is certainly not desirable for Valentine, yet the 3D aspect will certainly help set it apart which means that it could post a slightly better opening haul than Unborn.

Two weeks after the debut of Valentine, The Uninvited hits theatres. Uninvited boasts a little more star power than Unborn and Valentine thanks to Elizabeth Banks. The versatile young actress has recently starred in Zack and Miri Make a Porno as well as W.. Still, the fact that it is coming on the heels of two other horror films, especially one that has a very similar sounding title, will hurt the film in the eyes of mainstream audiences. Expect Uninvited to open with a little less than $10 million when it hits theatres at the end of the month.

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