We often critique franchises whose peak of success has come and gone--whether creatively, financially, or both. Usually that peak comes early on. Sometimes it's a slow crescendo into greatness.

This weekend sees the release of the latest installment of the Die Hard franchise. Bruce Willis is now in rarefied territory as he reprises the character of John McClane for a fifth time. That exceeds (for now) the number of times Harrison Ford has portrayed Indiana Jones, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, and Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto. If you can believe it, he's just two shy of Roger Moore's seven-film run as James Bond (Connery did six...officially).

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Hot off the incredible buzz generated by its Super Bowl spot, Fast & Furious 6 leaped a huge 34 spots last week and fell just 3 votes short of the top 10. Ranking in 11th place, the debut of the franchise sequel's first footage and subsequent online trailer release have been hot topics across social media and our own Forums.

Next month's Oz: The Great and Powerful also benefited from increasing buzz. The Sam Raimi-directed fantasy flick was up from #14 to a tie in 9th place last week, just a few days after several new character posters and clips made their way online.

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Twitter Futures: 'Jack the Giant Slayer'

Add Comment on February 07, 2013 by Shawn Robbins

One of last year's more notable release shifts was that of Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Slayer (then titled Jack the Giant Killer). At one time slated for a summer release on June 15, 2012, Warner Bros. decided to push it all the way back to March 1, 2013. The hope, at the time, may have been to steer away from Snow White and the Huntsman--an eventual box office success. Whatever the reasoning, the studio's luck with the modernized fantasy only keeps getting worse.

For a five-day tracking period that began on February 1 (four weeks from Jack's release), the flick totaled only 536 tweets with a 9.8-to-1 positive-to-negative ratio.

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This afternoon via CNBC, Walt Disney Pictures CEO Bob Iger addressed and confirmed reports of standalone Star Wars movies that will focus on individual characters.

One rumor suggested that the first may involve a solo tale for Yoda. While that is unconfirmed, Iger did say that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are working on new Star Wars movies parallel to the current pre-production of Star Wars: Episode VII. Oh, and the plan is to release these standalone movies sometime during the six-year period (beginning in 2015) between the upcoming Episodes VII, VIII, and IX.

Woah. Hold on, guys...

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Remember 2007? That year's summer kick-off month of May boasted what may have been the highest profile lineup of releases in modern--or any--box office history. Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End each followed such massive blockbuster predecessors that, despite none of the three-quels quite reaching expectations, they still combined for a multiple record-setting May.

The years since have seen their fair share of big movies in May, but none equal to what is now lovingly referred to among the box office community as "The Big Three".

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After a lack of trailers for blockbuster hopefuls at the 2012 Super Bowl, 2013's big game is poised to showcase some serious heavyweights. Summer movies reported to be getting ad times this Sunday include Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast & Furious 6, World War Z and The Lone Ranger

Compare that to last year's Super Bowl--viewed by a record 111.3 million people in North America--when most of the ad space for movies was claimed by pre-May releases. Aside from Marvel's The Avengers, Hollywood's summer slate was represented by Battleship and The Dictator. Not exactly the best choices. Still, 2013's lineup of shortened previews looks more exciting for summer movie fans.

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This week's edition of Forum Buzz comes to you with the current update as well as last week's results. The big news for Hunger Games fans is that Catching Fire took the #1 spot for the first time last week, switching spots with Star Trek Into Darkness. To see which highly anticipated sequel came out on top this week, please see our chart below. Spoiler alert: one of them fell out of the top two completely...

Also worth mentioning is that Elysium and The Wolverine cracked the top ten last week. The latter stuck around at #10 for the current tabulations while Elysium was knocked out by the resurgence of Monsters University and Pacific Rim.

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