After several weeks of stagnant activity among the top five, this week's update on our forum community's most anticipated movies for the upcoming year sees some welcome movement. In fact, no films in the top six remained where they stood last week -- meaning Man of Steel's first reign at #1 came to an abrupt end.

For starters, a special mention goes to Oblivion. The Tom Cruise-led sci-fi flick from director Joseph Koskinski (Tron: Legacy) made the biggest leap of the week among notable films. The April 19 release jumped seven spots to #11 and nearly cracked the top ten, edging out Elysium which fell back two spots to #12.

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By now, we're all accustomed to seeing a given year's list of top box office grosses dominated by franchise pictures. Once the final numbers are tallied for 2012's holdovers, the top 10 domestic grosses of last year accounted for a massive 30.5 percent (projected) of the year's complete box office market haul--with only 2 of them being wholly "original" films (not based on a pre-existing property). That 30.5 percent share is up slightly more than 6 percent from 2011, a year that may have had three fewer $400+ million hits than 2012 but one that still delivered ten more films that crossed $75 million domestically (47) than did 2012 (37 currently).

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After a four week run as our forum's most anticipated movie, Star Trek Into Darkness slipped to the runner-up spot last week and gave way to director Zack Snyder's and producer Christopher Nolan's Man of Steel. The results were close though: in our preferential voting system, the Superman reboot came out ahead by a single point. This is Man of Steel's first claim of the #1 spot on our chart since becoming eligible in June 2012.

Sticking around at #3 for a fourth straight week is Iron Man 3. Although, with recent online buzz surrounding the release of new production stills for Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel is knocking on Tony Stark's door by jumping two spots back into the fourth position.

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Sunday Update: Official domestic weekend estimates/domestic cumes for Best Pic nominees:

Zero Dark Thirty: $24 million/$29.5 million
Django Unchained: $11.1 million/$125.4 million
Les Miserables: $10.1 million/$119.2 million 
Lincoln: $6.3 million/$152.6 million
Silver Linings Playbook: $5 million/$41.3 million
Life of Pi: $2.7 million/$94.8 million 

Saturday Update: 6 of the 9 Best Picture nominees are still very much in play theatrically. Here's what we're projecting they'll make this weekend: 

Zero Dark Thirty: $26 million, pushing its domestic cume to $31.5 million

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Less than two weeks into the new year, we already have ourselves something of a curious benchmark: this coming weekend will see the release of three R-rated films into an already busy market. Gangster Squad and A Haunted House make up the first two, while the expansion from 60 theaters into wide release for Zero Dark Thirty accounts for the third.

At face value, each film has its fair share of strengths. Zero Dark Thirty is in the middle of a strong Oscar campaign (nominations come out Thursday), carries the goodwill of Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker and boasts a familiar and potentially intriguing story for the...well, the entire population.

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The first 2013 edition of our Forums' Most Anticipated Movies has arrived, and while a certain area of the chart remains consistent with past weeks, other notable films are beginning to make waves.

With the major 2012 holiday releases out of the way, our forum community is now looking ahead to what movies excite them the most in the new year. Creating some of the most noise: March's Oz: The Great and Powerful. Sam Raimi's fantasy flick leaped nine spots to crack the top 10 two months out from its release.

A few notable jumps outside of the top ten include ...

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July 2013 is full of strong tentpoles, but it might be an animated villain named Gru who triumphs over such A-list stars as Johnny Depp, Adam Sander and Hugh Jackman.

Despicable Me 2 has big shoes to fill. 2010's Despicable Me shattered expectations by raking in an impressive $543 million globally--$251.5 million domestically and $291.5 million overseas--despite opening with tough competitors such as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Toy Story 3 in the market. 

Luckily, Universal's marketing plan for Despicable Me 2 is off to a great start with plenty of time left before the July 3 release.

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