A Swede Takes on Camelot

Add Comment on February 23, 2009 by Phil Contrino

Despite being born and raised in Sweden, An American Affair director William Sten Olsson found that he was able to relate to a lot of the mystery, intrigue and sadness that surrounded John F. Kennedy's presidency. Affair deals with a 13-year-old boy (Cameron Bright, X-Men: The Last Stand who discovers that his next-door neighbor (Gretchen Mol, Rounders ) is having an affair with JFK. Naturally, as is the case with most films about the late president, conspiracy theories come into play.

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'Slumdog' Snags Eight Oscars

Add Comment on February 22, 2009 by Phil Contrino

As expected, Slumdog Millionaire was the big winner at the Oscars. The Fox Searchlight release snagged a total of eight wins, including Best Picture and Best Director. In the much debated Best Actor race, Sean Penn was able to edge past Mickey Rourke. The two actors took turns winning major awards this year, and now the final vote has been cast. In one of the night's only genuine surprises, Departures topped the heavily favored Waltz with Bashir in the Best Foreign Film category.

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'Dark Knight' Hits $1 Billion

Add Comment on February 20, 2009 by BOXOFFICE Staff

It's official, The Dark Knight has hit the $1 billion mark as far as worldwide box office is concerned. The Warner Bros. release is now a member of the same club as Titanic, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead's Man Chest. After its successful theatrical run this past summer, Warner Bros. released Knight back into theatres on January 23rd, which helped it add nearly $2 million to its already very impressive haul.

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Inside 'Gomorrah'

Add Comment on February 17, 2009 by Phil Contrino

The difficulties surrounding most of Hollywood's literary adaptations sound like minor squabbles when compared to the story behind Gomorrah, an unconventional mob film from Italian writer/director Matteo Garrone. Robert Saviano, the author of the book Gomorrah has been under police protection since October 13, 2006. His book exposed some of the inner workings of the pervasive Italian crime syndicate known as the Camorra, which plagues such as Italian provinces as Naples and Caserta. The Camorra has its fingers in everything from illegal drugs to construction, but the most disturbing fact of all may be that they have even bought shares in the reconstruction of the Twin Towers in New York City.

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Goode Talks 'Watchmen'

Add Comment on February 17, 2009 by Marco Cerritos

Whether he’s ready or not, Matthew Goode is about to become more recognizable to film fans everywhere. The British character actor has flirted with fame since making his Hollywood debut with Mandy Moore in 2004's Chasing Liberty but has decided to keep a low profile the last few years. Most people will recognize him from his strong supporting turns in Match Point and The Lookout, but next month he will be seen in one of the lead roles in the comic book epic Watchmen. Goode is also on DVD shelves this month in the period love story Brideshead Revisited, a commentary on class and power that played art houses last summer.

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The Surprises Continue

Add Comment on February 16, 2009 by Phil Contrino

Thanks to the surprisingly strong performance of Friday the 13th this weekend, 2009 has continued its hot streak. While final numbers are due Tuesday, this Presidents' Day weekend is going to set a record for overall box office revenue. B OXOFFICE.com is estimating that the final tally for the four-day weekend could be as high as $225 million. That number is going to easily trump other Presidents' Day weekends even after inflation. Up until this year, 2007's Presidents' Day weekend held the highest box office gross. In 2007, Ghost Rider topped the box office with $45.4 million from Friday-Sunday, and another $6.6 million on Presidents' Day.

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The Anti-'Super Size Me'

Add Comment on February 15, 2009 by Phil Contrino

With his new documentary Fat Head, comedian Tom Naughton has made a pretty strong case against the ideas that most people have regarding healthy diets. Fat Head uses the ideas put forth by Morgan Spurlock in Super Size Me as a launching point. Spurlock shot to fame after his anti-McDonald's doc grossed a solid $11.5 million domestically in 2004 ($13.3 million when adjusted for inflation) and its following grew on DVD. The premise of the film is that a diet consisting of large amounts of fast food can be extremely harmful to ones health. Yet for all the film's supporters, it also had its share of detractors such as Naughton.

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