Pop quiz: What's the coolest post-nuke apocalypse flick of all time? With due respect to fans of The Road Warrior , A Boy and His Dog and Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared Syn (note: villain Jared Syn is not actually destroyed, and in fact escapes at the film's conclusion), I think most sentient mammals (and they know who they are) are in agreement: Hands down, it's the 1988 classic Hell Comes to Frogtown , or as our friends at Cahiers du Cinema call it, L'Enfer Vient à la Ville de Grenouille.

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Abraham Discusses 'Flash'

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By Phil Contrino Children of Men. Let's Go to Prison. Red Dragon. What do these three wildly different films have in common? Simple. They were all produced by Marc Abraham. Abraham's career, which also includes such diverse efforts as The Family Man and Air Force One, does not fall into easy categorization and that is something he is very proud of. Armed with an in...

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Programming the 'Infinite Playlist'

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By Steve Simels Peter Sollett's feature debut, Raising Victor Vargas, was a Sundance fave and an indie hit, but now with his second feature, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, he seems poised for more mainstream success. A charming coming of age comedy/love story with a terrific indie-rock soundtrack and a couple of rising stars, including Superbad 's Michael Cera, NANIP takes place over the course of one long eve...

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Kinnear Talks 'Flash of Genius'

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By Phil Contrino 2008 has been a busy year for Greg Kinnear. In April, he starred opposite Tina Fey in Baby Mama and most recently he teamed with another comedic television actor, Ricky Gervais, in last month's Ghost Town. Now, with Flash of Genius, Kinnear has taken a step into a more dramatic territory. Genius is the story of an inventor named Bob Kearns who spent years of his life battling the Ford Motor Company after they stole the intermittent windshield wipers that he developed.

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'Devil Wears Prada' For Dudes

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By Phil Contrino Based on a memoir by Lauren Weisberger, The Devil Wears Prada was able to become one of the biggest hits of Summer 2006 with a domestic haul of $125 million. Prada was able to tap into female demographics across the board who were tired of the typical summer blockbusters. Now, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People is going to try and become The Devil Wears Prada for dudes.

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Bill Maher, Movie Star?

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By Phil Contrino Now that he has achieved a high level of success with his HBO television show and his best-selling books, Bill Maher will try to succeed on the bigscreen with Religulous. The film expands to 500 theatres this weekend and if the box office numbers are good enough then it could reach larger audiences. After all, documentaries are no longer relegated to art houses. They have crossed over into mainstream territory and that is probably the way things will stay.

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Ranking 'Eye'

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By Phil Contrino With Eagle Eye, Shia LaBeouf has made another assured step into becoming a serious box office draw as a leading man. With an estimated gross of $29.2 million this weekend, Eye improved upon the $22.2 that 2007's Disturbia brought in. LaBeouf's last two films, Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, each had mammoth opening weekends. Transformers brought in $70.5 million and Crystal Skull opened this past May with $100.1 million.

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