Studio Report Card: 20th Century Fox

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By Phil Contrino Teacher's Pets: Of all the major studios, 20th Century Fox has had the least successful summer. Still, there were a couple of academic standouts. What Happens In Vegas, which opened the weekend after Iron Man, was able to get the studio off to a solid start. Thanks to the star power of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, Vegas was able to bring in $80.2 million domestically.

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'Knight' Crosses $500 Million Mark

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By Phil Contrino While Titanic 's all-time highest box office gross of $600.8 million is still out of reach for The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader was able to cross another milestone this weekend. Three-day estimates have Knight crossing the $500 million mark this weekend with a haul of $8.75 million and a total gross of $502.4 million. The new milestone makes for a great end note on what has been an extremely successful summer for the latest installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman series.

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Studio Report Card: Warner Bros.

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By Cole Hornaday Teacher's Pets: Warner Bros. earned an impressive grade-rank this summer with the unprecedented revenue generated by the darker-than-its-title-could-ever- convey feature, The Dark Knight, which is second only to Titanic on the list of all-time blockbusters. Knight has broken more than its share of break box office records this summer, and it is now on pace to hit the $500,000,000 mark in the days to come.

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Facebook Users React To Sorkin Project

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By Phil Contrino The announcement came yesterday that Aaron Sorkin is working on a script based on the creation of Facebook for producer Scott Rudin ( No Country for Old Men ). But will audiences want to "friend" the film? Putting all initial curiosity aside, the project already boasts a level of pedigree that should alleviate any concerns. Sorkin recently tackled the extremely complicated true-life story of Texas congressman Charlie Wilson fo...

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Studio Report Card: Paramount

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Teacher’s Pets: Talk about "summer school" making a difference. One-time troublemaker Robert Downey Jr. has shot straight to head of the class after starring in Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, both of which opened at No. 1. The first blockbuster of this sizzling season, the former film set the tone for a summer that turned out to be one for the books—the comic books, that is—by taking in a superheroic $317.5 million at home and another $253.5 million overseas. In addition, Tropic Thunder spent its first two weekends of release atop the domestic box office and it's now headed for the $100 million mark.

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Tricky Dick & Dubya At The Movies

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By Phil Contrino While the Democrats rally in Denver this week for their National Convention, both Lionsgate and Universal are busy figuring out how to convince the moviegoing public to lay their money down to see two presidents on the bigscreen, George W. Bush and Richard Nixon. This fall, while televisions across the country are tuned in to John McCain and Barack Obama squaring off to be the next President, movie theatres will be playing Oliver Stone's W. and Ron Howard's film adaptation of Frost/Nixon.

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Back to the Future

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Al Gore 's 2007 agit-prop documentary An Incovenient Truth may have won an Oscar, but if you think it's the first important cinematic treatment of the global warming issue, you may have to think again. That honor, it turns out, just might have to go to the quite ahead of its time dystopian sci-fi fantasy L.A. 2017, directed by a then wet-behind-the-ears Steven Spielberg . If you're not remembering that one off the top of your head, don't f...

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