Brazil Announces $25 Monthly 'Cultural Stipend'

on January 28, 2013

Brazilian Culture Minister Marta Suplicy announced this week that the country will give its citizens a monthly 50-real (roughly $25) to spend on cultural activities like movies, theater, museums or books. The incentive, which is expected to be instituted later this year, will be covered by employers who will then be able to deduct the amount from their taxes. "In all developed countries, culture plays a key role in the economy," said Suplicy, adding, "Now we are creating food for the soul; Why would the poor not be able to access culture?....The money will be put in the hands of the worker who will decide how to spend it, by going to the movies, to the theater, to an exhibition or the museum." The estimated boost to the country's cultural spending created by the stipend is $3.5 billion.

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