Brazil: Domestic Films Put Up a Fight Against 'Iron Man 3'

on May 07, 2013

Iron-Man-3-Stills-iron-man-33278597-500-301.jpgLet's start off with the good news: The Brazilian box office is still alive and well thanks to the continued success of Iron Man 3. The Robert Downey Jr. film grossed $7.3 million in its second weekend, leading the top ten after falling 37% from its opening week gross. The $29 million gross-to-date makes Brazil one of the most profitable markets for Iron Man 3.

Another bright spot: Domestic audiences are supporting their national film industry. Somos Tao Jovems opened in 568 screens and scored an impressive $4,664 per-screen average on its way to a $2.6 million opening weekend. Somos Tao Jovems will hope to replicate the success of Vai Que Da Certo, which landed on third place last weekend and has grossed $13.9 million in Brazil after seven weeks in release. 

Apart from those films, however, there are few bright spots to talk about in Brazil. Danny Boyle's Trance is among the relative stand-outs, opening in 97 screens last weekend and scoring a positive $2,479 per-screen average. Evil Dead also impressed in 74 screens last weekend with a comparable $2,308 average. The Croods  seems to finally have begun slowing down, seven weeks and $16.3 million after its premiere. Oblivion has struggled to retain the attention of Brazilian audiences, slipping 76% on its fourth weekend. The Tom Cruise has managed a very disappointing $5.8 million, a victim of the success of domestic films in the weeks following its premiere and the strong debut from Iron Man 3.

The bottom three films in the top ten chart all grossed under $100,000 respectively. In the bottom of the top ten is 2 Days In New York, Julie Delpy's 2012 follow up to 2 Days in Paris. The film dropped 60% in its second week and played in only sixteen theaters. It is telling that its mere $24,340 weekend was enough for the independent film to break into the top ten.  

Box office results for Brazil. May 3-5, 2013.


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