'Foosball 3D' Opens in Brazil on December 02, 2013


Universal is distributing Foosball 3D, an animated Argentine feature inspired the popular game, in Latin America and Spain. The film opened in fifth place in Brazil over the weekend with a $639K bow from 497 dates. Foosball 3D has grossed a total of $17.6 million for Universal and still has nine more territories on its release schedule. The film opens in Spain on December 20.


BRAZIL: 'Catching Fire' Keeps #1 in Slow Weekend on November 27, 2013

cf1.pngA slow weekend in Brazil left The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with the top spot at the box office. The Hunger Games sequel dropped 48% in its first hold, posting a $2.7 million weekend and reaching a $10.9 million cume in the market. The film is close to surpassing the original's $11.3 million cume.

Thor: The Dark World retained second place over the weekend with a $1.5 million take. The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grossed a strong $23.3 million in Brazil, making it one of the biggest hits of the year.

Romantic comedy Meu Passado Me Condena continued its strong run with a $1 million weekend. The domestic comedy forms a handful of domestic comedies to have broken through with local audiences and has grossed a total of $13 million.

Top Ten Films in Brazil:


'Gravity' Nears $8M on November 25, 2013

grav.pngGravity climbed up to $7.9 million in its 7th weekend in Brazil. The sci-fi film has fared well for a genre release, ranking as the second biggest science-fiction movie of the year behind Elysium’s $9.1 million.

The year’s other sci-fi releases have failed to make a significant impact at the Brazilian box office. After Earth and Pacific Rim grossed $6.3 million respectively; Oblivion registered a $5.9 million take; and Star Trek Into Darkness finished its Brazilian run with a $5.2 million take.

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Outgrosses Original in 2 Weeks on November 25, 2013

cf.pngThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire only needed two weekends to outgross the original. The sequel reached a $13.6 million cume in Brazil after taking $3.8 million from its second frame in the market. The original Hunger Games grossed a total of $10.6 million in Brazil.

'Thor: The Dark World' Speeds Past 'Fast 6' to Become the 3rd Biggest Film of the Year on November 25, 2013

thor2.jpgThor: The Dark World is already the third biggest film of the year in Brazil, only trailing Iron Man 3 ($47.8M) and Despicable Me 2 ($35.6M). The Thor sequel surpassed Fast 6’s $23.2 million over the weekend to reach a $23.9 million total in the market. Thor: The Dark World is already over the $18.3 million cume of the original after less than a month in the market. 

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