BRAZIL: 'World War Z' Survives Protests and Celebrations with $3.5M Debut on July 03, 2013

wwz-still2.jpgThe big surprise in Brazil last weekend took place inside the Maracana stadium, where the host country of the Confederations Cup thrashed the defending world champions Spain in front of a capacity crowd chanting local support. Sunday in Brazil was marked with riots on the streets during the day and celebrations in the very same blocks during the night. It would have been understandable to see a slow box office weekend with an important soccer final taking place in Rio de Janeiro, but World War Z somehow managed to come out of it alive.

World War Z became the #1 film in Brazil after a $3.5 million run in its first week of release. It faced little competition from other new releases, neither of which were able to break in to the top three. Scary Movie 5 opened in fourth place, outgrossing the fifth week of The Hangover Part III despite not reaching a seven-figure debut. Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited had a respectable premiere in a limited run that brought in an average of $2,659 from 75 theaters. Monsters University was the only other Hollywood release to break $1 million over the weekend. The animated film from Pixar grossed $2.9 million over the weekend to take its Brazilian cume to $8.6 million.

Weekend Box Office Results for Brazil. June 28-30, 2013


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WEEKEND PREVIEW: Can 'World War Z' Survive in Brazil? on June 28, 2013

wwz-still2.jpgThe protests began outside the stadiums and the world was introduced to a side of Brazil that ran counter to the effusive street parties that adorn the country's tourism commercials. The Brazilian passion for soccer is well known to the world, but the chanting on the streets took a different tone as the country kicked off the 2013 Confederations Cup tournament. The tournament is organized by FIFA, soccer's international governing body, and represents a sort of competitive dress rehearsal to next year's larger scale World Cup.

Millions of dollars have been poured into Brazilian infrastructure as the country prepares to host the 2014 World Cup and Rio de Janeiro ramps up the preparations for the 2016 summer Olympic Games. The original protests around the Confederations Cup were focused on recent price hikes on public transportation but have evolved into a much wider forum for social unrest. It hasn't had a direct effect on the soccer tournament, where the Brazilian national team continues to fill stadiums on their run to the finals. But what has it meant for the Brazilian box office?

The filmgoing public stayed away from cinemas during the first week of soccer and protests in a paltry weekend that only featured one major release: Star Trek Into Darkness. Last weekend's release of Monsters University helped reinvigorate the box office, drawing a $3.5 million debut. Domestic comedies once again proved popular as well, with Minha Mae E Uma Peca opening with a $2.1 million weekend.

New releases will have to once again compete with protests and soccer, including the Confederations Cup final: a dream match between powerhouses Brazil and Spain. Soccer and protests are headed to their biggest weekend of the summer just as Paramount is preparing to unleash World War Z to the Brazilian public. The film's Brazilian premiere, including a personal appearance by Brad Pitt, was cancelled earlier this week due to the country's protests. World War Z is poised to take the top spot at the box office, but a packed weekend away from the movie theaters will likely affect its overall potential out of the gate.

Other new releases this weekend include limited releases of Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited and Portuguese festival favorite Tabu. Scary Movie 5 will try to sneak in as many screens as it can, trying to draw viewers away from the popular success of The Hangover Part III.


BRAZIL: 'Monsters University' Leads a Box Office Rebound on June 25, 2013

MonstersUStill.jpgAnother week dominated by protests, soccer, and a single major Hollywood release painted a grim picture at the Brazilian box office. The same formula led to  underwhelming results last weekend, with Star Trek Into Darkness being the only big U.S. release in a market that had its focus on the protests going on around its soccer stadiums, as well as the matches occurring within them.


The release of Monsters University in Brazil, however, helped to liven up a market that had been dominated by The Hangover Part III all month. The Hangover Part III was finally dethroned from the top spot in its fourth week. The comedy is a major hit in Brazil, having grossed a total of $14.9 million. The only other film in the top ten that has grossed more is Fast & Furious 6 with an impressive $22.2 million take from five weeks.


Monsters University was the big winner in a week that saw very few high profile releases. The animated film took in $3.5 million from its Brazilian debut. The only other U.S. film of note that opened over the weekend was The Place Beyond the Pines, which struggled in limited release from 26 theaters after failing to break into the top ten or reach the $100k mark in its opening frame. The big surprise came from domestic comedy Minha Mae e uma Peca. The Brazilian comedy had a home premiere of $2.1 million from half the theater count ofMonsters University and led the weekend in per-screen average. 


Star Trek Into Darkness reached a $4.3 million cume in Brazil. The gross for the sci-fi sequel presents a big improvement for Paramount in a market where its predecessor fell falt. The performance is on par with Will Smith's After Earth, which has screened respectably in three weeks to reach a $5.6 million gross in Brazil.  


Box Office Results for Brazil. June 21-23, 2013
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BRAZIL: A Slow Weekend at the Box Office as the Public Hits the Streets, Soccer Stadiums on June 19, 2013

AE-3.jpgSocial protests and the Confederations Cup soccer tournament made it a slow weekend at the Brazilian box office. The country is currently hosting a precursor to next year's World Cup and is facing mounting pressure from its citizens concerning a rise in inflation and the increase in prices for public services like transportation. The escapism of the movies took a back seat to these matters, with lower than usual weekend numbers reflecting on the country's current state.

It is therefore hardly a surprise that the Brazilian public failed to respond to The Great Gatsby, a film that celebrates the lavish excess of its protagonist through Baz Luhrman's trademark visual style. Gatsby dropped 39% in its second weekend for a disappointing $1.5 million total.

The Hangover Part III continued atop the box office for a third consecutive week, edging out the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness to reach a $13.1 million cume. Star Trek Into Darkness fell short from becoming the number film in the market but will have few complaints after already reaching 70% of its predecessor's lifetime total in Brazil. The sci-fi sequel opened midweek to reach a total of $2.6 million.

The Star Trek sequel's performance might have been well above its predecessor's but compares similarly to last week's tepid After Earth debut. After Earth added another $1.2 million to its total to take its Brazilian cume to $4.3 million. The Will Smith father-son-vehicle scored the weekend's highest per-screen average with $4,098.

Before Midnight had a great showing in limited release, shining in 42 screens with a $3,157 average. The per-screen average of the Richard Linklater film was only below the averages of After Earth and The Hangover Part III.

Fast & Furious 6 reached an important milestone over the weekend, netting $1.2 million to break the $20 million mark. The sixth entry in the Fast & Furious franchise has been in release for four weeks and has the highest cumulative gross among the films in the latest top ten chart.

Box Office Results for Brazil. Weekend of June 14-16, 2013


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'The Expendables 3' Gets Brazilian Release Date on June 18, 2013

The Expendables 3 will be unleashed in Brazil on August 22, 2014, according to a story from Brazilian outlet Adoro Cinema. The latest installment of the action-star anthology will feature the return of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, and Jet Li. Rumored newcomers include Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Milla Jovovich, and Jackie Chan. 

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