Weekend Preview: Can 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Succeed in Brazil? on June 13, 2013


trek.pngStar Trek Into Darkness opens in Brazil this weekend with its sights set on getting closer to the $200 million overseas milestone. Brazil hasn't been too kind on science fiction in 2013, with Tom Cruise's Oblivion only grossing a $5.9 million cume. After Earth premiered in third place last weekend, scoring a $2.2 million debut that won't get anyone too excited. 


The previous Star Trek adventure helmed by J.J. Abrams grossed $1.9 million in Brazil back in 2009. The latest installment has been continuously outperforming the former outing in the franchise, and should already exceed Star Trek's $384.9 million global gross by the weekend. Star Trek Into Darkness has already been a significant improvement overseas for Paramount, bringing in $176.4 million heading into the weekend -nearly $50 million more than Star Trek's final $127.7 overseas tally. Star Trek Into Darkness is looking for a strong push to surpass Oblivion's $191.4 million overseas run and enter the shortlist of 2013 titles to have crossed $200 million abroad. 


It's a prime weekend for Star Trek Into Darkness to shine in Brazil. The only other major releases in the country include limited runs of Park Chan Wook's Stoker and Richard Linklater's Before Midnight. As the sole popcorn centered new release to hit multiplexes, Star Trek Into Darkness should be considered a success if it can gross above $3 million in its opening weekend in Brazil.


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BRAZIL: 'Hangover 3' Beats 'After Earth' Debut on June 10, 2013

The Hangover Part III followed up its huge fou-day opening weekend from last week with a solid $2.8 million sophomore frame to lead the Brazilian box office. The comedy's Brazilian title transaltes to "If You Drink, Don't Get Married," and has enjoyed a resounding $10.1 million cumulative gross in the market for the past two weeks. After Earth trailed behind the last part of the adult-themed comedy trilogy, posting a $2.1 million debut on its way to a $45.5 million overseas total. Other top films in the market include Fast & Furious 6, which reached an impressive $18.7 million cume in Brazil, and Epic, which continued its steady pace to reach a $7.7 million total in the market. The opening weekend for The Great Gatsby was a bit more low-key, as the Baz Luhrman film opened in only 162 screens for a $744,000 total. Despite having a limited impact in the market, The Great Gatsby was still strong enough to present the biggest opening of a Baz Luhrman film in Brazil. 

'Hangover 3' Beats 'Fast 6' in Brazil on June 03, 2013

HangOver3-1.jpgA $5.4 million debut saw The Hangover Part III take the top spot at the box office in Brazil. The film grossed 459% ahead of the original and 138% ahead of its previous installment. It was enough of a push to unseat the former #1 film, Fast & Furious 6, which showed a strong hold with a $4.5 million weekend that raised its Brazilian cume to $15.1 million. Epic was another strong hold-over from the majors, falling a mere 19% for a $1.2 million weekend. Epic has now grossed $7.3 million in Brazil. 

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BRAZIL: 'Fast & Furious 6' Leads the Box Office, 'Iron Man 3' Reaches $45M on May 30, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 led the Brazilian box office last weekend with a $5.9 million take. Iron Man 3 came in second with a strong $1.56 million weekend in its fifth week, reaching a total of $45.5 million. The superhero film outgrossed the first hold-over weekend from Epic, which grossed $1.55 million to reach a $4.8 million cume in Brazil.

Box Office Results from Brazil. May 24-26, 2013.



BRAZIL: 'Iron Man 3' Triumphs Against 'Epic' Premiere on May 22, 2013

53429296680800441582126.jpgIron Man 3 survived its first test at the Brazilian box office last weekend. The superhero film faced off against the premiere of Epic, the first animated film to hit the market since The Croods saw its release nine weeks ago. The Croods has grossed $16.7 million in Brazil to date, one of the most successful films of the year in the market. Epic wasn't able to replicate as big of a splash, opening in 621 screens for a $2.3 million opening weekend. Iron Man 3 grossed $2.8 million over the weekend, retaining the top spot but losing in per-screen average to Epic. The premiere of 21 and Over in Brazil, retitled as "Finally 18" for local audiences, also had a strong debut in 118 screens -nearly matching the per-screen average of Iron Man 3 with a $3,293 average. Side Effects opened in seventh placed but filled movie theaters with an equally strong $3,246 average. Domestic film Vai Que Da Certo is winding down its theatrical release rounding out the top ten with a $14.3 million cume -a fantastic figure for a Brazilian film. Somos Tao Jovems might not reach the same heights as its domestic counterpart. Somos Tao Jovems ranked in third last weekend with a $1 million gross, reaching a $7.2 million total in its third week.

Box Office Results for Brazil. May 17-19, 2013


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