How Will Hollywood React to China's Growing Number of Movie Screens?

on December 07, 2012

With the annual CineAsia convention set to get underway on December 11-13, many eyes in the film industry are looking toward China and its unprecedented rapid growth in the film exhibition sector. The country is opening no less than a handful of new movie screens on a daily basis, and with production companies seeking more financing in a strategy aimed to help bring domestic Chinese films in front of a larger audience, what does that mean for Hollywood?

The 13,000 cinemas will all welcome [Hollywood] films," says Le Vision Pictures CEO Zhang Zhao. "Once China reaches the threshold of, say, 20,000 screens, there will be films that are specifically targeted to certain cinemas in the country," he said. "China has its own domestic productions, and they must now find a way to [be competitive]."

In short, with Chinese films becoming more competitive on home field, in the years to come Hollywood will be in a position of figuring out how to maintain the explosion of success seen by recent imports such as Titanic and The Avengers this year.


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