UPDATED: CHINA: 'Iron Man 3' Breaks All Opening Day Records

on May 02, 2013

Iron-Man-3-Stills-iron-man-33278597-500-301.jpgThursday Update: Disney is confirming that Iron Man 3 broke every opening day record in China's box office. The official figure is currently $18,657,142 but it is expected rise to $21.5 million after all cinemas conclude their reporting.

Wednesday Update #2: According to reports on mtime.com, Iron Man 3 took in nearly $21 million (130 million RMB) on its first day in theaters. That shatters the record of $17.2 million (110 million RMB) set by Tranformers: Dark of the Moon in 2011. This all bodes very well for Iron Man 3. It's important to keep in mind that Dark of the Moon made $172.3 million in China during its entire run. 

Wednesday Update: Sources tell BoxOffice that Iron Man 3 has set a new midnight show record in China with $2.1 million (13 million RMB) from approximately 2,500 shows at 1,100 locations with 300,000 admissions. The record previously belonged to Transformers: Dark of the Moon with around $1.9 million (12 million RMB). The same sources say that a $100 million cume is a lock for IM3, which means it would top the $91.4 million cume of The Avengers

Reports out of China indicate that IM3 is playing well. Excitement for the film is palpable with plenty of sold-out shows and huge lines. Any Americans staying in China may not be able to follow scenes that were only included in the Chinese version because they are being shown in Mandarin without any English subtitles. (The no-subtitle footage lasts about 3 minutes.) Yet the China-only scenes are playing to attentive, appreciative moviegoers. Chinese star Fan Bingbing's cameo appearance is reportedly going over VERY well, so props to Disney and DMG for getting that right. One main problem is that many moviegoers are laughing at blatant product placement for Chinese items. 

Philip Santellan and Emily Santellan contributed to this report. 

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