EntGroup's China Film Industry Report Reveals Moviegoer Habits, Enthusiasm For IMAX

on August 21, 2013

EntGroup, a Beijing-based data provider, recently released their annual report on the Chinese film industry. Key takeaways include:

- By 2013, 3D screens will account for 80% of all screens in China.

- The report projects that the number of IMAX screens will reach 150 in 2013

- A majority of Chinese moviegoers in 2012 were young people aged 25 to 35. 88.8% have received a college education or higher. Film genre is indicated to be the decisive factor for audiences to see a movie in a theater. Action, comedy, sci-fi, and romance rank as the top 4 film genres. Of all people surveyed, 72.2% watched movies on smartphones and tablets.

- More and more Chinese audiences are watching films online and on mobile devices. As of the end of 2012, the number of Chinese online film viewers reached 372 million, an increase of 14.3%. In addition, 100 million Chinese users stream content on mobile phones.

Revenues from licensing films to new media platforms in 2012 were $78.7 million, an increase of 55%, nearly reaching that of TV sales, which are currently the largest revenue stream outside of box office proceeds.



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