TODAY'S HEADLINES: Hollywood finds new marketing hotspot in China's Youku Tudou

on August 23, 2013

American television shows have found a potential goldmine in Youku Tudou, China's biggest online video outlet. Film and television viewing has grown exponentially in China over the past year alone; web surfing from mobile devices has risen twenty percent in twelve months, while online video viewing percentages have doubled in a mere six months. The most viewed content, writes The Hollywood Reporter, is American film and television.

Youku Tudou was formed last year when Youku and Tudou, two of China's largest video providers, merged to edge out competition. The site attracted 14 million unique daily views by June of this year. 

With rapidly expanding audiences, predicting solid figures in the future is impossible, but as of right now American shows like The Walking Dead are attracting massive popularity in China.

Check out the full story at Hollywood Reporter.


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