'Thor: The Dark World' Nears $50M on November 25, 2013

thor2.jpgChina continues to be the largest overseas territory for Thor: The Dark World. The Thor sequel has grossed $48.3 million in the market and accounts for 12% of its $381 million cume outside of North America. 

'Gravity' Pulls $35.5M in Chinese Debut on November 25, 2013

grav.pngGravity enjoyed a $35.5 million launch in China over the weekend, dominating the market across its 5,854 screens. IMAX contributed around 20% of the box office receipts with $7.4 million from 123 screens to become the biggest IMAX opening of all time in China.

China was responsible for the lion’s share of the film’s $46.6 million weekend overseas. The strong opening weekend numbers have already positioned China as the second biggest market for Gravity, only trailing France’s five-week cume of $42.8 million. Gravity has generated $331.5 million overseas and $577 million worldwide.

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UPDATED OVERSEAS: 'Gravity' Looking at $13.2M Haul in China as it Enters the Weekend ahead of 'Catching Fire' on November 21, 2013

gravityopeningweekend.jpgGravity is soaring in China. The sci-fi film's launch in the world's second biggest market came in higher than expected; Warner Bros. is reporting a $9.3 million cume for Gravity after only two days in Chinese cinemas. IMAX is accounting for $2 million of that figure with 123 screens currently playing the film. The total screen count for Gravity in China is of 5,854. Gravity is WB's top non-Holiday opener in the market. 

Early figures are indicating a $3.9 million bump for Gravity, putting the film ahead of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by a wide margin. Warner Bros. is currently estimating a $13.2 million 3-day cume for Gravity in the market.

Gravity has grossed a total of $293.6 million overseas and $535.4 million worldwide. 

OVERSEAS: 'Gravity' Launches in China with $9M Haul on November 20, 2013

grav.pngWarner Bros. recorded its biggest non-Holiday opening in China with the release of Gravity on November 19. The film soared to a $4.9 million premiere from 5,854 screens on its opening day. 

Early numbers put Gravity at $4.2 million for November 20, giving Gravity an estimated $9 million take from its first two days in China. Gravity is currently reporting a $286.4 million overseas total with China being expected to be one of the film's leading markets. The film finished last weekend well above the $500 million global mark.


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