Today's Top Story: China's summer box office revenue at $652 million on August 02, 2013

Last year, China's box office revenue from June to August was ¥4.1 billion (approx. $660 million). This year's mark fell right about the same — ¥4 billion (approx. $652 million). 

More than 50 films will be screened in the three month period, including both Hollywood blockbusters and domestic features. The domestic productions outpaced the imports during the stretch. In the next half of the summer, however, there will be more international films — including Monsters University, which is slated for release on August 23. [China Daily]

OVERSEAS: 'Pacific Rim' Opens to $9M in China on July 31, 2013

pacificrimSTILL.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter is quoting a $9 million opening day for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim in China. It's a huge number for Warner Bros., marking the highest single-day performance in the territory in the studio's history. Pacific Rim now moves up to second place among the biggest non-Chinese openings of the year, pushing Fast 6 down to third place days after the Vin Diesel movie shattered opening day records for Universal in the market. 

CHINA: 'Fast 6' Posts Second Highest Opening Weekend of a Hollywood Film in 2013 on July 30, 2013

Fast6.jpgFast 6 crossed the $500 million mark at the overseas box office after a $24 million opening weekend in China. $3 million of the take came from IMAX screens as the sixth installment in the Fast franchise became Universal's highest opening of all time in the market. Fast & Furious 6 scored the second-highest opening weekend for a non-Chinese release in 2013, only trailing Iron Man 3. The $503 million overseas total is a major milestone for Fast & Furious 6, the highest grossing film in the franchise and the first to reach the half-billion mark outside of North America.

White House Down opened early on in the week and went on to score a healthy $18.7 million take after its first week in release. Roland Emmerich's second go at trashing the White House has struggled worldwide, including a disappointing $70 million run in North America. South Korea ($3.5M) and Russia ($3.4M) are the other top performers for the film outside of China. White House Down has grossed $116.2 million globally.

The two Hollywood new releases in the market put a dent in After Earth's strong Chinese run. The M Night Shyamalan film tumbled down to fifth place on the chart with a $3.14 million take in its third week. A $240 million worldwide total for the Will Smith father-son vehicle isn't up to Sony's original expectations but can't be considered a total disaster considering the film's poor $59 million run in North America. China is the most significant market for After Earth by a wide margin, responsible for $33.8 million of its $182 million overseas total. Other top performers for After Earth include Russia ($17M), Mexico ($13.7M), and France ($10.4M).

Top Ten Films in China. 


Data Courtesy of EntGroup.

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UPDATED: 'Fast & Furious 6' Earns $34M From 4 Days in China on July 27, 2013


Tuesday Update: Revised numbers from Entgroup indicate that Fast 6 has taken in a whopping $34 million from Friday-Monday in China. A source in China tells BoxOffice the figure is significantly higher than originally estimated due to a delay in reported grosses from one of the country's top theater chains. 

Sunday Update #2: Official word from Universal is estimating the final weekend tally for Fast 6 to close out at $24 million. It marks the second highest opening of the year for a Hollywood film in China behind Iron Man 3. China is the last territory in the theatrical run of Fast 6. The market is responsible for helping the film cross the half-billion overseas mark and reach a global cume that currently stands at $741.1 million. 

Sunday Update: A slower Saturday increase than expected has Fast 6 looking at a $25 million opening weekend in China. Early estimates suggested the action flick could reach the $29 million mark after posting Universal's biggest opening day in the market. A modest increase over Saturday, however, is revising that figure to the $25 million range. 

Sources also tell BoxOffice that White House Down will finish its seven-day opening week run in China at an estimated $19 million, a welcome tally for the troubled Sony release. The studio has also benefited from the Chinese market to boost the overseas performance of After Earth, which is expected to finish third weekend in China with a $33.2 million cume 

Saturday Update: Sources tell BoxOffice that Fast & Furious 6 managed roughly $7.9 million (48.5 million yuan) on its first day of release in China. That puts F&F6 behind only Iron Man 3's opening day haul of $20 million (121 million yuan) on the list of 2013's best opening days for Hollywood films in China. F&F 6's opening day is also the strongest Universal has ever had in the Middle Kingdom, easily topping the $3 million (18.5 million yuan) opening day of 2012's Battleship. Projections indicate that F&F 6 could end up with $29.4 million (180 million yuan) after 3 days of release in China. 

F&F 6's first day ranks 5th overall this year behind Iron Man 3, Journey to the West, Tiny Times and The Switch

Wednesday Update: If Fast & Furious 6's theatrical run were to end today, its $712.8 million global haul would still be viewed as a massive success.

But Fast & Furious 6's run is not over yet. Far from it. Universal's juggernaut will open in China, the world's second-largest theatrical market, on July 26. This release will be particularly important for Universal following the confusing rejection of Despicable Me 2 by government officials in China. 

Sources tell BoxOffice that Fast & Furious 6 could end up with $70 million in China even though rampant piracy--a problem that also hurt such blockbusters as Inception and Skyfall--is likely to hinder the film slightly. A $70 million haul in China would help Fast & Furious 6 hit $800 million globally, and it would also mark a sizable improvement over 2011's Fast Five's $40.5 million haul in the Middle Kingdom. 

A wild card for Fast & Furious 6 comes in the form of co-star Dwayne Johnson. Johnson has quite the following in China. 2012's Journey 2: The Mysterious Island roped in a healthy $59 million there, while earlier this year G.I. Joe: Retaliation posted a strong $54 million take. 

The global growth from Fast Five to Fast & Furious 6 is staggering. Fast Five revived the property by taking in $628.6 million, and now Fast 6 is running 14.2 percent ahead of it. Universal may not have a superhero franchise like Warner Bros. or Disney, but they've effectively turned the Fast and Furious films into something just as strong. The question now is whether or not Fast 7 can join the club of films that have grossed $1 billion worldwide. We certainly aren't ruling that out.

Logan Krum contributed to this article. 

'White House Down' Off To Solid Start In China on July 25, 2013

Sources tell BoxOffice that White House Down has grossed an estimated $10.5 million after three days of release in China. That's a healthy start for the action flick, but it will soon face tough competition from Fast & Furious 6 (opening July 26) and Pacific Rim (opening July 31). Chinese officials have once again decided to bunch together Hollywood flicks in a short period time. Many pundits conclude that the tactic is designed to hinder American films and ensure the success of Chinese efforts. If that's the case, it's working. Chinese films account for more than 60% of the total box office in 2013. 

Official numbers will be released earlier next week. 

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