China Box Office Weekend Actuals: Disappointing 'Hollywood Adventures' Leads Sluggish Weekend; 'Jurassic World' Crosses $200 Million on June 29, 2015


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Producer Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 3-6) and three of China's biggest movie stars couldn't save a tepid domestic box office as Hollywood Adventures (横冲直撞好莱坞) opened to an underwhelming $27 million this weekend from ~150,000 screenings. Co-financed by Lin's Perfect Storm Entertainment, Bruno Wu's Seven Stars Media Group, and Beijing Enlight Pictures, Hollywood Adventures had been predicted to easily make back its estimated budget of $30 million, but very poor word of mouth slowed the film down right out of the gate. Users from China's top three film rating aggregators, Mtime, Weibo, and Douban, gave Hollywood scores of 5.5, 6.8, and 4.9 respectively with many complaining about the film's clichéd plot and awkward humor. 

The disappointing opening led an overall sluggish week at China's box office with Monday-Sunday receipts totaling just ¥750 million ($121 million), a 16% slide from the corresponding frame last year. SARFT (The State Administration of Radio, Film and TV) had hoped to start off its domestic protection month with a bang, but it will have to wait and see if next week's crop of local fare can kickstart the engine.

In second place this weekend, Universal's Jurassic World fell 60% from last weekend, earning $15.7 million from ~75,000 screenings. The global blockbuster has earned $202.3 million from China and became the third Hollywood movie in three months to top $200 million after Furious 7 in April and Avengers: Age of Ultron in May.

SPLII (杀破狼2) continued its strong run this weekend with $11.2 million from ~75,000 screenings, giving the HK/China coproduction an 11-day total of $73.9 million. Chinese media outlets have started calling the action flick this season's "dark horse" (黑马), a moniker last given to Wolf Warriors which also starred action star Jacky Wu and grossed $84 million.

Two Hollywood holdovers round out the top 5 this weekend with San Andreas jumping up a spot from last weekend to grab $2.8 million from ~14,000 screenings. The disaster film dropped just 29% and will cross the century mark on Monday or Tuesday, a milestone that seemed out of reach a few weeks ago. Conversely, The Divergent Series: Insurgent tumbled 80%, grossing $1.8 million from ~16,000 showtimes. However, its $15.8 million 10-day total has surpassed the first installment and indicates a growing audience for American YA films in China.

The rest of this weekend's top ten can be found below with data from China's EntGroup.


China Box Office Weekend Actuals: 'Jurassic World' Rules Dragon Boat Holiday; 'SPLII' Strong in Second on June 23, 2015


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In China, as in other parts of the world, Jurassic World is proving itself to be the perfect weekend movie. Over the 4-day Dragon Boat Festival, the dinosaurs of Universal's blockbuster sequel roared to $49.1 million and a 13-day total of $175.4 million. Its 3-day weekend percentage drop was just 42% compared to opening weekend, while the film lost almost half of its screenings. Per screening attendance jumped from 51 to 61 this weekend making up the difference -- pretty impressive and indicating great word of mouth. Jurassic's nationwide average ticket price remained steady at an expensive $6.12 meaning moviegoers are favoring premium formats. 

Jurassic also passed ¥1 billion in local currency this weekend, becoming the tenth movie ever to reach that milestone and also the third in 3 months (Furious 7 in April and Avengers: Age of Ultron in May). This is the first year that three imported films have grossed more than ¥1 billion (2014 saw Transformers: Age Of Extinction and domestic hits Breakup Buddies and The Monkey King); China's SARFT (State Administration of Radio Television and Film) must be very anxious for the protection period to kick in.

Speaking of successful local pics, HK/China coproduction SPLII (杀破狼2) had a strong second place finish with $39.6 million. The action film starring Thailand's Tony Jaa and Jacky Wu has grossed $50.6 million since opening on Thursday and is actually outpacing Jurassic on weekdays since the latter's audience is predominantly composed of families and younger moviegoers. SPLII looks poised to top Wolf Warriors' $87 million as this year's highest grossing local action film and signals the emergence of Jacky Wu as the Mainland's premiere action star. 

In third place, The Divergent Series: Insurgent opened to an even $11.0 million. Although young adult franchises like Maze Runner and Hunger Games aren't hitting with Chinese moviegoers the same way they do with domestic ones, Insurgent's four day total nearly equals Divergent's entire run of $12.4 million last year indicating its fan base is growing.

Rounding out the top five was newcomer The Ark of Mr. Chow (少年班) performing under expectations with $5.5 million, and Hollywood holdover San Andreas, holding well on just 3% of China's screens with $5.3 million for a 20-day total of $94.1 million. 

Stand By Me Doraemon ($84.9 million) passed Big Hero 6 ($84.6 million) this weekend to become the #2 highest grossing animated film in China's history. Kung Fu Panda 2 ($94.75 million) will keep its crown for the time being. 

The rest of the 4-day holiday weekend top ten can be found below with data from China's EntGroup.


China Box Office Weekend Actuals: 'Jurassic World' Roars to $97M in Five Days on June 15, 2015


Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice

A large chunk of Jurassic World's record-breaking global debut of $524.4 million came from China where moviegoers contributed $66.6 million over the weekend and $97 million since the film premiered on Wednesday. Devouring 78% of the total box office this weekend, Universal's dino reboot played on nearly half of China's ~25,000 screens with 208,700 showtimes. Saturday ($27.18 million) and Sunday ($23.27 million) were the 11th and 14th highest single-day grosses in China's box office history respectively. 

In second place, holdover San Andreas felt some light aftershocks, falling 63% to $12.68 million and a 13-day total of $80.13. Demand for the Dwayne Johnson disaster flick remained high after a higher than expected opening weekend and strong word of mouth, but it ended up losing almost half of its screen time once JW opened (Monday - 48,321 showings; Tuesday - 26,642 showings). San Andreas will have difficulty hitting $100 million with the added pressure from several domestic pics opening this week. 

Japanese animation Stand By Doraemon took home third place with $4.38 million, lifting its 18-day cume to $81.43 million. "Blue Fatty" as he's lovingly known to his Chinese fans is closing in on Big Hero 6's $84.6 million for the #2 highest-grossing animated film in China's history.

Aamir Khan thanked Chinese fans this week for embracing his film PK. The highest-grossing Indian film of all-time has made $94 million worldwide with nearly a fifth ($18.4 million) coming from the Mainland. Khan said the film's success "reflects the historical love of Chinese audiences for Indian cinema as well as the emotional and cultural bonds they share with this country [India]."

Rounding out the top five was local newcomer Who Am I (我是谁2015) which grossed $539K for the weekend. It's the first Chinese film to enter the top five in three weeks.

The rest of this weekend's top ten can be found below with data from China's EntGroup.



May 2015 Monthly China Box Office Report: Imported Films Dominate, YTD Box Office Up 57% Over 2014 on June 10, 2015


Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice

May 2015 Box Office Stats

China's box office receipts for May 2015 hit ¥3.178 billion ($512.08 million), an increase of 42.86% over May 2014 thanks in large part to the dominance of Avengers: Age of Ultron which contributed ¥1.409 billion ($227 million). There were also 4.26 million screenings (+33.33%) and 86.19 million admissions (+36.19%) during May. Domestic films accounted for ¥805 million ($129.69 million) while imported films earned ¥2.372 billion ($382.16 million) for a 3:1 split in favor of foreign films. 

2015 YTD Box Office Stats

The 2015 yearly box office total through May 31 stands at ¥16.867 billion ($2.72 billion), 56.7% ahead of 2014 at the same date. There have been 20.72 million screenings (+34.54%) and 465.01 million admissions (+52.47%). Domestic films have earned ¥8.512 billion ($1.38 billion) and imported films have grossed ¥8.305 billion ($1.34 billion), an almost even split five months through 2015. 

A Look Ahead

The first half of June has once again been dominated by imported films (San Andreas, Jurassic World, Stand By Me Doraemon), but late June will see the arrival of several domestic pics with huge box office potential (SPL2: A Time For Consequences, The Ark of Mr. Chow, and Hollywood Adventures) and July is the industry's unofficial protection month with no scheduled foreign releases. 

May's top ten films are shown below with data from China's EntGroup.



China Box Office Weekend Actuals: 'San Andreas' Rocks The Mainland as Imported Films Dominate With 98% of Weekend Box Office on June 08, 2015


Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice

The top five films this weekend in China all came from outside the country. While that's not a first for a country still building its domestic film industry, two of the films were non-American releases perhaps foreshadowing an end to Hollywood's dominance in China and signaling greater international diversity on Chinese screens.

Chinese moviegoers embraced Dwayne Johnson and his latest disaster flick with $34 million this weekend from about 35% of screens, raising the 6-day total for San Andreas to a solid $51 million. Decent word of mouth has carried the Warner Bros. action film since its opening Tuesday, as it held rock steady with ~$5.5 million on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before jumping to $8 million on Friday (+45%), $13.8 million on Saturday (+73%), and then dipping slightly for $12.2 million on Sunday (-11%). To get a sense of how well San Andreas is holding, compare that to the daily changes during Avengers: Age of Ultron's opening week in May. Despite putting up higher daily totals, Ultron fell hard after its opening Tuesday (Weds. -42%, Thurs. -26%), before rebounding for the weekend (Fri. +40%, Sat. +85%, Sun. -30%). San Andreas' legs will ultimately depend on if it's able to co-exist with Jurassic World which opens on Wednesday. Chinese exhibitors certainly see dollar signs in those dinos, but the demand for Johnson and his disaster flick this week could help San Andreas retain more screens than previously thought. 

In second place, Doraemon Stand By Me continued its surprising run this weekend with $13.5 million from about 25% of screens for a total of $73 million after 11 days of release. Doraemon's China haul has now surpassed its entire Japanese run ($66.7 million) and the 3D animation currently sits as the third highest grossing animated film of all-time in China behind Big Hero 6 ($84.63 million) and Kung Fu Panda 2 ($94.75 million).

Avengers: Age of Ultron is nearing the end of its Middle Kingdom run, but eked out $3 million from ~8% of screens for $234 million after 27 days of release. Ultron is the third highest grossing film of all-time in China behind Transformers 4 and Furious 7

In fourth place, Bollywood hit PK held well again this weekend, dropping 40% for $2.2 million and $16.4 million after 17 days of release. The film's distributor Huaxia announced this week that Chinese audiences in 1st and 2nd tier cities will soon be able to watch the film in its original language. It had previously only been showing a dubbed version with Chinese star Wang Baoqiang (王宝强) voicing Aamir Khan's character.  

Rounding out the top five, Disney's global bomb Tomorrowland plummeted 83% from last weekend for $1.4 million and a 13-day total of $18 million. 

The rest of this weekend's top ten can be found below with data from China's EntGroup.


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