CHINA: 'Iron Man 3' Closes In On $100M; 'Oblivion' Starts Strong; 'Croods' Holds Steady on May 12, 2013

Iron Man 3 is on fire in China. The action flick is already up to $95.3 million, and it holds records for the biggest opening day and the biggest opening weekend in the Middle Kingdom. China remains the biggest overseas territory for IM3 with Korea in a distant second at $54.1 million. 

Oblivion is off to a strong start in China with three day grosses reaching $8.5 million at 5,000 location. This marks the third highest three-day opening weekend for a Universal film in China. Oblivion's opening in China is bigger than Tron: Legacy and Total Recall and on par with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The Croods added another $11 million this weekend, pushing its total to $47.1 million in China. The pre-historic flick has now passed The Smurfs to become Hollywood's biggest non-franchise animated title in China. The Croods is also 3rd highest grossing animated title of all-time in the market, ranking behind Kung Fu Panda 2 ($95 million) and Ice Age: Continental Drift ($79.2 million). 



‘Iron Man 3’ Debuts with Record-Setting $64M Opening Week on May 08, 2013

53429296680800441582126.jpgIron Man 3 capped a record-setting opening week in China with a $64 million gross. The superhero film included several scenes added specifically for Chinese audiences, an acknowledgement of the market's box office clout without having to turn over the production to more specific co-production guidelines that would have likely included changes to the film's content. The formula seems to have worked despite reports from Variety that Chinese audiences didn't directly respond to the added scenes. Iron Man 3 might have just proved that playing to China can be just as successful and less intrusive to working with China.

So Young and The Croods posted strong weekly numbers, grossing $53.5 and $19.6 million respectively. G.I. Joe: Retaliation slowed down after Iron Man premiered but was still able to cross the $50 million mark in China after grossing $6.7 million. G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a hit in China with a $53.5 million cume. 

Box office results for China. Week ending on May 8, 2013.


Box Office Data Courtesy of EntGroup.

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CHINA: 'Iron Man 3' and 'So Young' Lead To Record-Setting Week on May 07, 2013

China Film News reports that theaters took in a record-setting $148.6 million (916.5 million yuan) at the box office from Monday, April 29 to Sunday, May 5. Iron Man 3 led with $64.3 million (396 million yuan). China's So Young added another $53.6 million (330 million yuan) this week, pushing its total to $77.3 million (476 million yuan).

Check back tomorrow for the official top 10. 


LOS ANGELES -- IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX; TSX:IMX) and Marvel Entertainment, LLC announced today that Marvel's Iron Man 3 grossed an estimated $1.54 million (¥9,710,312) at 101 IMAX® theatres in China during its first day, Wednesday, May 1. Combined with midnight screenings, the IMAX total box office in China for the film is now $1.8 million, shattering the previous opening-day record set by Titanic in 2012 by 52%.

The film opens across North America tonight at 9 p.m. local time.

Iron Man 3's strong first day in IMAX theatres in China also follows its record-breaking IMAX openings last weekend in Brazil, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Netherlands and many other territories. The film opened to $7.2 million in 113 IMAX theatres internationally and grossed a stunning $198.4 million overall, finishing No. 1 in all 42 territories in which it premiered.

"Hats off to Marvel and the Iron Man 3 filmmaking team for creating such a globally appealing film that fans are clearly seeking out in the IMAX format, given our strong percentage of the overall box office," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Entertainment. "We can't wait to see it premiere in North America this weekend."

UPDATED: CHINA: 'Iron Man 3' Breaks All Opening Day Records on May 02, 2013

Iron-Man-3-Stills-iron-man-33278597-500-301.jpgThursday Update: Disney is confirming that Iron Man 3 broke every opening day record in China's box office. The official figure is currently $18,657,142 but it is expected rise to $21.5 million after all cinemas conclude their reporting.

Wednesday Update #2: According to reports on, Iron Man 3 took in nearly $21 million (130 million RMB) on its first day in theaters. That shatters the record of $17.2 million (110 million RMB) set by Tranformers: Dark of the Moon in 2011. This all bodes very well for Iron Man 3. It's important to keep in mind that Dark of the Moon made $172.3 million in China during its entire run. 

Wednesday Update: Sources tell BoxOffice that Iron Man 3 has set a new midnight show record in China with $2.1 million (13 million RMB) from approximately 2,500 shows at 1,100 locations with 300,000 admissions. The record previously belonged to Transformers: Dark of the Moon with around $1.9 million (12 million RMB). The same sources say that a $100 million cume is a lock for IM3, which means it would top the $91.4 million cume of The Avengers

Reports out of China indicate that IM3 is playing well. Excitement for the film is palpable with plenty of sold-out shows and huge lines. Any Americans staying in China may not be able to follow scenes that were only included in the Chinese version because they are being shown in Mandarin without any English subtitles. (The no-subtitle footage lasts about 3 minutes.) Yet the China-only scenes are playing to attentive, appreciative moviegoers. Chinese star Fan Bingbing's cameo appearance is reportedly going over VERY well, so props to Disney and DMG for getting that right. One main problem is that many moviegoers are laughing at blatant product placement for Chinese items. 

Philip Santellan and Emily Santellan contributed to this report. 

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