TOP STORIES: Box Office Looks at Potential of Domestic Films on September 10, 2013

The changing landscape and diversity of domestic films are fulfilling China's box office potential. So what can Hollywood studios learn from these changes? [Variety]


The Sino-Foreign Animation Film Co-production Forum seeks to improve Chinese animation. []

TOP STORIES: Cantonese Films, Tsai Ming-Liang Done, Struggling Abroad on September 06, 2013

Under the terms of the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement between mainland China and Hong Kong, Cantonese-language films no longer need to be dubbed into Mandarin before being screened in China — they can substitute subtitles. [The Hollywood Reporter]

After the release of Stray Dogs, Tsai Ming-Liang, 55, wants to stop making movies. [Contactmusic]

Chinese films have been succeeding at home but have been struggling abroad. []

TOP STORIES: Gatsby in China, Chinese Winner, Crackdown on Indies, Stalingrad Debuts on September 06, 2013

In its opening weekend in China, The Great Gatsby had a rather reasonable start, grossing US$4.42 million. Leading the box office over the weekend was Jurassic Park 3D at US$17 million (in its second weekend). Also in the piece: the success of American films in China despite limits, China's adjustment to a glitzy world in The Great Gatsby, and Baz Luhrmann's wish to film in China. [Brisbane Times]

Yang Yazhou's Feed Me won an Innovation Award at the Montréal World Film Festival. [Film Business Asia]

In a crackdown on independent filmmaking, Chinese authorities have disrupted an independent film school, shut down two film festivals, and harassed organizers of a third festival. "They just want us to make films about food, clothes, [and] entertainment," said Yang Lina, an independent documentary maker. [Epoch Times]

Stalingrad is the first Russian-made feature film to get wide release in China. From now on, at least one Russian film per year will see wide release in China. [RIA Novosti]

TOP STORIES: 'Transformers 4' Casting via a Reality Show and a Big Controversy for 'Tony Times' on September 03, 2013

tiny_times.jpgThe Tiny Times franchise is exposing the generational divide in China. The New York Times takes a look at China's youth culture and its influence on the big screen. [The New York Times]

Hollywood animated releases face challenges in order to achieve box office success in China. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Paramount will cast four roles for Michael Bay's upcoming Transformers 4 via a Chinese reality show. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Zhang Yimou has plans for a costume drama as his next project. [China Daily]


TODAY'S TOP STORIES: Chinese Films Look for U.S. Audiences; China Looks to Cool Interest in Independent Cinema on August 30, 2013

Hollywood films are finding wide audiences in China, but why aren't Chinese films finding similar success in North America? [China Daily].

Looking for a surge in independent filmmaking in China? You might have to wait a while. [U.S. News and World Report]


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