'Pacific Rim' Posts Huge Opening in China; 'Fast 6' Crosses $50M on August 05, 2013

pacrim2.pngWarner Bros. celebrated their biggest opening weekend of all time in China, raking in $42.5 million from the debut of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. The success from China pushed the film past the $200 million mark overseas. Guillermo del Toro's popcorn flick has struggled in North America, grossing $92.9 million over four weeks and occupying the bottom spot in the region's latest top ten chart. Pacific Rim's Chinese debut propelled the film to a $53 million total outside of North America, making it the weekend's highest overseas earner despite a wide day-and-debut for Sony's The Smurfs 2. IMAX screens in China contributed $6 million to the film's numbers, the second-highest opening figure of all time in China's IMAX locations. Fast 6 came in second place with an $8.3 million that raises its 10-day cume to $52.3 million. 

Chinese hit Tiny Times posted a $3500 weekend at three North American locations. The blockbuster's limited release has been confined to the tiny screen count for its two weeks in release and will not expand to any additional locations by next weekend. The cume for Tiny Times in North America is $21,365.  

TODAY'S HEADLINES: China government denies banning 'Despicable Me 2' from theaters on August 05, 2013



Despicable Me 2's puzzling ban from Chinese theaters, announced two weeks ago, was, according to sources, untrue.

China news site Film Business Asia is reporting the Chinese government never banned Despicable Me 2 from theaters, stating it was never submitted for censorship. 

Edko, a Chinese distributor of foreign films, reportedly chose not to adapt the animated film for Chinese audiences.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television is reportedly "annoyed" by false claims of a ban.

For the full story, check out Film Business Asia.


Today's Top Story: Trailer for Corman's 'The Living Dead' released on August 02, 2013

87-year-old Roger Corman, famous espouser of B-movies, is putting some money into Chinese ultra-low-budgets. Financed through Hong Kong-based production company ACE Studios, Corman’s two projects will be English-language productions targeted at the United States cable TV market — Fist of the Dragon, slated for a 2014 release, and The Living Dead, which has already been completed. 

The Living Dead, which will be released in the U.S. as Hell’s Haunted Palace, is a rare horror film from China, as the government has a strict ban in place that forbids the depiction of paranormal activities on screen in order to prevent exposure to types of archaic superstition.

Directed by Chinese-Australian Antony Szeto, The Living Dead premiered at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Bucheon, South Korea. It depicts a team of U.S. filmmakers who have their original mission of making a documentary about the Chinese Ghost Festival derailed by a deadly female spirit. 

This film will not be released in China and Szeto says the film wasn’t made for Chinese audiences — it was made for the United States. It stars Catherine Siggins, Katie Savoy, James Taku Leung, and Juju Chan. The trailer was just released:

[Twitch and The Hollywood Reporter]


Today's Top Story: China's summer box office revenue at $652 million on August 02, 2013

Last year, China's box office revenue from June to August was ¥4.1 billion (approx. $660 million). This year's mark fell right about the same — ¥4 billion (approx. $652 million). 

More than 50 films will be screened in the three month period, including both Hollywood blockbusters and domestic features. The domestic productions outpaced the imports during the stretch. In the next half of the summer, however, there will be more international films — including Monsters University, which is slated for release on August 23. [China Daily]

OVERSEAS: 'Pacific Rim' Opens to $9M in China on July 31, 2013

pacificrimSTILL.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter is quoting a $9 million opening day for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim in China. It's a huge number for Warner Bros., marking the highest single-day performance in the territory in the studio's history. Pacific Rim now moves up to second place among the biggest non-Chinese openings of the year, pushing Fast 6 down to third place days after the Vin Diesel movie shattered opening day records for Universal in the market. 

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