'Jurassic Park 3D' Continues its Monster Run in China on September 16, 2013

Jurassic Park 3D reached a $53.8 million in China over the weekend. The film is Universal's second biggest performer in the market, trailing Fast 6 for the all-time honor. JP3D is director Steven Spielberg's biggest hit in the market.

China has proved to be a friendly home for the re-formatted re-release of the modern classic. The market is responsible for 75% of the film's overseas total and 46% of its worldwide gross. The film has grossed more money in China than in its theatrical run in North America earlier this year.

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The China entertainment boom is helping Thailand. [The Hollywood Reporter]

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond forecasts a $1 billion Chinese box office in the coming years. [Bloomberg]


Huayi will move into the exhibition space [China Daily]


U.S.-China Film and TV Expo coming to L.A. in 2014. [The Hollywood Reporter]

CHINA: 'Elysium' Claims the Top Spot with $11.75M, 'Gatsby' Posts a Strong Hold to Reach $9.65M on September 11, 2013


Elysium-still.jpgElysium opened in first place in China, taking  $11.75 million over its first four days on the market. The first place finish for the film set it above a trio of domestic debuts in limited release that opened to middling results at the box office. The Midas Touch opened in seventh place with a $2.05 million take from 27,965 showings -a fraction of the 95,334 plays dedicated to Elysium. Dead Sign and Time-travel love both opened to less than 15,000 showings and were unable to break the $1 million mark.


The Stolen Years posted an $8.79 million hold in its second week, bringing its domestic cume to $19.45 million. The Great Gatsby finished the week in third place with a strong $5.22 million hold that brings its total in China to $9.69 million. Jurassic Park 3D crossed the $50 million mark in China after a $4.65 million performance launched the film to a $54.42 million gross. Monsters University finished the week with a mid-table showing on the top ten chart, posting a $3.99 million tally that takes its Chinese total to $32.71 million.


Top 10 Films in China as of September 10, 2013

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The changing landscape and diversity of domestic films are fulfilling China's box office potential. So what can Hollywood studios learn from these changes? [Variety]


The Sino-Foreign Animation Film Co-production Forum seeks to improve Chinese animation. []

TOP STORIES: Cantonese Films, Tsai Ming-Liang Done, Struggling Abroad on September 06, 2013

Under the terms of the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement between mainland China and Hong Kong, Cantonese-language films no longer need to be dubbed into Mandarin before being screened in China — they can substitute subtitles. [The Hollywood Reporter]

After the release of Stray Dogs, Tsai Ming-Liang, 55, wants to stop making movies. [Contactmusic]

Chinese films have been succeeding at home but have been struggling abroad. []

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