Chinese Officials Stop 'Django Unchained' From Opening Theatrically on April 11, 2013

China Film Group suspended screenings of Django Unchained on what was supposed to be its opening day, citing "an unspecified technical problem."

Quentin Tarantino's violent drama had to undergo cuts in order make its way to Chinese screens, so this late decision to halt its release is causing many to speculate that censors had a last-minute change of heart.


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Top 10 Films in China from April 1-7, 2013



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Robert Downey Jr. Promotes 'Iron Man 3' In Beijing on April 07, 2013

Global promotion for Iron Man 3 is starting to ramp up in a major way.

Robert Downey Jr. paid a visit to Beijing on Saturday. He told the press that, "I'm interested in all things Chinese and I live a very Chinese life in America."

Expectations are high for Iron Man 3 in China. The Avengers earned a whopping $91.4 million there last year. Iron Man 2 took in $26.3 million. With cinema growth accelerating at a rapid rate, there's little doubt that Iron Man 3 will shatter 2's haul. If it manages to match The Avengers that will be a major accomplishment.

Here's the international trailer for the film:

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Chinese box office from March 25-31, 2013:


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Special Version of 'Iron Man 3' Will See Chinese Release on March 30, 2013

How important is the Chinese box office? Important enough that directors and distributors are willing to tweak their films to perform better at the box office in the Middle Kingdom.

Iron Man 3 will now join Looper on the list of films that have been released in China with footage not seen in the American version. Of note: the Chinese footage will include an appearance by popular actress Fan Bingbing. Bingbing made a cameo appearance in 2012's Lost In Thailand, a surprise hit in China that nearly toppled Avatar to become the #1 film of all time there. 

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