BOX OFFICE: 'Jack Reacher' Disappoints on February 24, 2013

Paramount reports that Jack Reacher took in another $2.2 million in China over the weekend. The action flick is up to $12.6 million in the Middle Kingdom. Tom Cruise's latest won't end up anywhere close to the $102 million Chinese haul of Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

BOX OFFICE: 'Journey To The West' Taps Into Desire For Entertaining Chinese Films on February 19, 2013

Box office grosses in China from 2/10-2/17/2013:


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BOX OFFICE: China's 'Cloud Atlas' Gross Set To Pass North American Haul on February 19, 2013

cloudatlaschina.jpgEntGroup reports that as of Feb. 17, Cloud Atlas' gross in China is $25.35 million. The fantasy/sci-fi flick has been out for 18 days, so that means it has 12 days--the standard theatrical run in China is 30 days--to gross another $1.8 million so that it can pass the North American haul of $27.1 million. 

BOX OFFICE: 'Journey To The West' Dominates on February 18, 2013

UPDATED: EntGroup tells Boxoffice that Journey to the West is up to $107.2 million as of February 18. 

Update #1: Director Stephen Chow's Journey to the West has grossed a staggering $89.7 million since opening on February 10, according to Chinese news sources. The comedic flick accounted for 66.7% of grosses during the past week. Chow's flick set single-day records three consecutive days in a row. 

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