Trailer For 'Drug War' on November 21, 2012

The trailer has been released for Drug War (AKA Dark War), an upcoming Chinese crime thriller directed by Johnnie To. Written by frequent To collaborator Wai Ka Fai, the film stars Louis Koo as a drug dealer who is caught by police and persuaded to take part in a raid against his own gang.


Set in Jinshan, China, Ming, a cold-hearted drug dealer (Louis Koo), crashes his car into a convenience store whilst trying to escape a police raid of his drug factory. In saving his own life, he locks his wife and brother-in-law inside the factory. Police officer Lei (Sun Honglei), extremely smart and careful, offers Ming the opportunity to reduce his sentence if he assists with an undercover operation to expose his own gang. Ming chooses to help himself by betraying all his brothers, but then at the last minute he has a change of heart...

Drug War is due for release across China in December 2012.


Fourth Trailer For 'Chinese Zodiac' on November 20, 2012

A fourth trailer has been released for Chinese Zodiac, the upcoming Chinese action adventure written, directed by and starring Jackie Chan. The film, which has been touted as the third entry into Chan's Armour Of God series, follows a hero who is charged with recovering 12 lost national treasures.

Chinese Zodiac co-stars Kwon Sang-Woo, Yao Xingtong, Zheng Wei, Linda Weissbecker, and Vincent Sze. The film is due for release across China and Hong Kong on December 12, 2012.


Herman Yau Starts Shooting 'The Second Coming' on November 20, 2012


Hong Kong director Herman Yau has started shooting a new suspense/horror movie entitled The Second Coming. Shot in 3D, the film stars up-and-coming Malaysian actress Joey Leong (Blood Ties) as a teenage daughter who has a ghostly encounter, forcing her family to confront their past.

The Second Coming is a Hong Kong-Singapore-Taiwan co-production that is being co-directed by Australian writer Ng Tin Chi, who also wrote the screenplay. Other cast members include Maggie Siu, Kenny Wong and Don Li.

Scheduled for release around mid-2013, the film will be distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by V Media Enterprises. Other distribution partners will be announced soon.


BOX OFFICE: 'Cold War' Repeats In First Place on November 20, 2012

Hong Kong's Cold War finished in first place during the week of Nov. 12-18 with $14.6 million. The cop drama also held the top spot last week. Cold War has grossed $29.1 million in China. 

Foreign Investors Are Eager To Open Theaters In China on November 19, 2012

China Daily has compiled an excellent look at the current state of investment in Chinese movie theaters. 

Key facts:

Foreign investors are allowed to open cinemas in China through joint ventures with local partners. Their stake cannot be more than 49 percent. 

South Korea's CJ CGV plans to open 100 multiplexes in China by the end of 2015.  

Cinema growth in China is staggering. By the end of 2011, the number of screens nationwide increased to 9,296 from 6,266 a year earlier, up 48.4 percent year-on-year. An average of 8.3 screens were added each day that year, according to the SARFT data.

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