Facebook and the Movies: A Perfect Pair

Featured Stories - on May 03, 2010 by Phil Contrino

Welcome to a new way of analyzing audience interest

There's no question that Facebook is a revolutionary development in the Internet world.

Because it has become such a big part of so many lives, its impact can be staggering. All it takes is for one person to post something interesting on another person's wall for a viral phenomenon to begin.

Hollywood is wisely paying attention to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's creation has the power to become an incredibly efficient marketing tool. Everything from summer blockbusters to quirky indies can help build a base if content creators and distributors understand how to properly harness what the social network has to offer.

In this space, we'll be tracking the number of fans on the most active Facebook page for upcoming movies as well as films that have been in theaters for up to three weeks. Each week, we'll learn more about what a jump in fans means in terms of financial success. Which films will perform better on Facebook? Which indie flick is gaining momentum without spending a dime on marketing? These are the questions we'll answer.

I expect this section of BoxOffice.com to change as time goes by. There's no real precedent for what we're doing here. With that in mind, I certainly welcome feedback. Feel free to drop a line to phil@boxoffice.com. Or, better yet, just friend me on Facebook.



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