REVIEW: '1920: Evil Returns'

on November 02, 2012

1920review.jpgBanner: BVG Films, ASA Production and Enterprises
Producers: Vikram Bhatt
Director: Bhushan Patel
Cast: Aftab Shivdasani, Tia Bajpai, Vidya Malvade, Sharad Kelkar
Music: Chirantan Bhatt

Plot: Set in 1920, the film is about two lovers. They have been writing to each other and have fallen in love but have never met. Jaidev is a noted poet who lives in a mansion with his sister and housekeeping staff. He meets a girl who is unconscious near a lake and takes her home. Soon, bizarre things start to happen and someone who lives in a cemetery tells Jaidev it's the handiwork of an evil spirit who inhabited the girl's body. The girl has lost her memory and she doesn't know who she is. This is followed by a journey to discover her identity and which evil soul she has brought to the house.


+ Not your typical horror film. It has a good storyline that keeps the audience hooked from start to finish.
+ The film's big secret keeps you glued to your seat.
+ Scares have been injected at regular intervals
+ Good dialogue by Sanjay Masoom
+ Background score and cinematography are apt
+ When it comes to performances, the film belongs to Tia Bajpai
+ Watching an evil spirit sing Hindi songs is a treat
+ Strong climax makes up for second half in which the momentum dips


Sometimes falls into unavoidable horror clichés
- Often takes cinematic liberties, but that can't be avoided in horror films

Verdict: The film has everything needed to attract an audience. 1920: Evil Returns will prove to be a success story for all those involved.

No North American release date is planned at this time.

Trailer (No English subtitles. Please note that we will post trailers with English subtitles when available.) 

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