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  • National Museum of Indian Cinema opens 10 months behind schedule. [Bollywood Life]



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  • I&B Promotes India as Shooting Location at the Berlin Film Festival. [Times of India]


NEW TRAILER: 'Aaha Kalyanam' on February 10, 2014

Aaha Kalyanam opens in North America on February 21.

Synopsis: Finance and romance can never go hand in hand. This is the story of a focused and determined Shruti and a fun-loving, carefree Shaktivel, who by chance become partners in their very own wedding planning business. Together, their friendship and business, enters the ups and down of the lavish Chennai weddings. And while trying to find themselves, Shruti and Shakti discover each other and realize that rule book cannot be followed always.

Cast: Nani, Vaani Kapoor

Director: A. Gokul Krishna

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  • Regional Bollywood Films Overshadowing Hollywood Fare. [Times of India]
  • The New York Times Takes a Look at An American in Madras. [New York Times]




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