The Internet Giveth and the Internet Taketh Away: A Look at the Collapse of 'The Devil Inside'

on January 08, 2012


By Phil Contrino

In the days leading up to its release, The Devil Inside generated a level of online buzz that indicated it would be a blockbuster with real staying power.

Paramount Insurge's thriller racked up a staggering 181,346 tweets from Friday, December 30 to Thursday, January 5. The Last Exorcism, a similarly-themed film that hit theaters in August 2010, managed 17,005 tweets during the same period in its release cycle. The Devil Inside's most active Facebook page inspired an impressive 285,174 likes by January 5, where as The Last Exorcism had 97,220 one day before hitting theaters. The Devil Inside was coasting along nicely thanks in large part to a seriously creepy trailer.

Everything changed once the paying public actually saw the entire film.

Tweets from around the country indicate that The Devil Inside isn't playing like a blockbuster, to put it mildly. Here's a tweet that pretty much sums up the consensus:


Our Twitter tracking has recorded an unprecedented positive:negative tweet ratio of 0:1 for The Devil Insidea clear indication that the buzz is overwhelmingly negative. On Facebook, The Devil Inside has added more than 95,000 likes since early Friday morning. That may seem like an impressive total, but it isn't when compared to another Paramount horror flick that opened at #1: Paranormal Activity 3's page managed to add more than 284,000 likes during the weekend it opened, and it was already working with a base of nearly 8.5 million. Now that's what positive Facebook buzz looks like.

Paramount will still manage to make a profit off their latest low-budget thriller, but it's clear by now that a new franchise has not been born. Expect a catastrophic decline next weekend.


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