American Humane Association Releases Statement on 'The Grey'

on January 30, 2012

After noticing that The Grey lacked an end credit certifying that "No Animals Were Harmed," Boxoffice contacted the American Humane Association for the full story. The AHA volunteers to send a monitor free of charge to all Hollywood productions to verify that all animals used in the film -- from dogs to bears to birds to bugs -- were well-treated. Every year, over 2000 films receive their seal of approval. Below is the AHA's official statement on why The Grey did not receive certification, and their confirmation that they are looking into online stories suggesting that the production bought and ate trapped wolves. 

American Humane Association monitored the live animal action during the filming of The Grey. Our Certified Animal Safety RepresentativeTM on the set of the movie ensured the humane treatment of all of the animals used in this film. The movie does not however carry the American Humane Association "No Animals Were Harmed"® end-credit certification. Our process in awarding the end-credit includes a screening of the locked motion picture, which we were not given. Productions must be screened to determine cohesiveness with all of our on-set documentation.

American Humane Association Film & TV Unit has strict guidelines that must be followed by all productions in order to earn the "No Animals Were Harmed"® certification. These guidelines include the necessity for any production to provide accurate, legal receipts for any taxidermy animal props used. At no time did American Humane Association witness the use of taxidermy wolves or wolf carcasses during filming, nor did we receive any such receipts for this type of prop. We can verify that extensive sophisticated animatronics were used consistently during the filming of The Grey.

Online allegations regarding the consumption of wolf meat by cast members of The Grey, have not been verified and sources within the production and distribution entities have not returned our phone calls of inquiry. American Humane Association does not permit the trapping and/or killing of any animals for use in filmed entertainment.


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