'Resident Evil: Retribution' Reaches Nearly $140 Million Worldwide

on September 23, 2012


Sunday (9/23) Update: Sony reports that Resident Evil: Retribution made $30.5 million overseas this weekend. The international cume is now $103.4 million and the worldwide total is close to $140 million. 

Sunday (9/16) Update: Sony reports Resident Evil: Retribution opened to $71.1 million worldwide this weekend, including $50 million from overseas territories.

In Japan, Retribution launched with $10.3 million -- the biggest opening for a Hollywood film and second biggest overall this year in that country. The figure is 15% bigger than the previous film, Resident Evil: Afterlife, double that of The Dark Knight Rises, and 61% higher than Marvel's The Avengers.

In Taiwan, the flick bowed 97% higher than its predecessor to $4.4 million.  That represents Taiwan's 2nd best 5-day opening of 2012 (behind Avengers) and the 4th best of all-time after Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Spider-Man 2.

Retribution also topped the openings of Afterlife in all Latin American markets (breakdowns included below).

Other notable countries:

Russia: $8.5 million (20% more than Afterlife)
Brazil: $3.5 million
Korea: $2.4 million (25% less than Afterlife)
Malaysia: $2.1 million (67% more than Afterlife)
Indonesia: $1.9 million (five times Afterlife)
Thailand: $1.8 million
Philippines: $1.6 million
Australia: $1.5 million (23% less than Afterlife)
Hong Kong: $1.4 million (67% more than Afterlife)
Colombia: $1.0 million
Venezuela: $975k
Peru: $730k
Ukraine: $690k
Turkey: $550k
Central America: $430k
Chile: $425k
Ecuador: $370k
Bolivia: $130k 

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