SARFT Vice Minister Tian Jin Discusses The Impact Of Foreign Films

on November 11, 2012

In February, China changed its quota of foreign films allowed into the country from 20 to 34. The impact has been enormous, and Hollywood blockbusters such as Taken 2, Titanic 3D, The Expendables 2 and Ice Age Continental Drift have been consistently performing ahead of domestic productions.

At a news conference held during the 18th National Congress, Tian Jin, vice minister for the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, addressed the issue.

"This has brought handsome profits to the American film industry but has also posed pressure and challenge to the Chinese film industry," said Tian. "The objective reason is that more foreign films in the Chinese market have dealt a blow to domestic films, and the subjective reason is that the domestic film industry needs to be more competitive."

Tian noted that domestic box office accounts for only 40% of 2012's total, That represents a significant drop from the 53.6% total at the same point last year and the 60% tally in 2010. 

[AFP/AsiaOne, Los Angeles Times]


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