UPDATED: 'Zero Dark Thirty' Reaches $868,784

on December 26, 2012


Wednesday Update: Sony reports that Zero Dark Thirty has now made $868,784 from five screens since opening last Wednesday. That's $173,757 per location. The film expands nationwide on January 11.

Sunday Update: Sony estimates that Zero Dark Thirty will have $639K in the bank from 5 locations by the end of Sunday. 

Key stats from Sony:

Zero Dark Thirty took in $410K this weekend for a staggering per location average of $82K per run and last night, by a wide margin it had its biggest night so far. ZDT grossed a total of $154,699 from our five theaters yesterday.

AMC VILLAGE: $28,108
E WALK: $23,766

ZDT was #1 in each of the complexes where it is playing with the exception of Lincoln Square where the IMAX screening of The Hobbit slightly won out.

The breakdown this weekend was 115K on Friday, $155K yesterday and we expect another $140K today for a $410K weekend and a cume to date of $639K since we debuted on Wednesday.


Saturday Update: With another $115K in the bank on Friday, Zero Dark Thirty has tallied an impressive $344K from 5 locations in only three days. That's $69K per screen. 

Friday Update: Sony reports that Zero Dark Thirty grossed $104,164 from five locations on Thursday, pushing its haul to $229,012 after two days. 

Thursday Update: Sony estimates that Zero Dark Thirty managed $124,848 from only 5 locations on its first day of release. 

That's a new unadjusted high for a Wednesday platform opening. It tops the likes of 1991's Cape Fear ($115K from 10 locations), 1999's American Beauty ($73K from 6 locations) and 2006's Little Miss Sunshine ($66K from 7 locations). Cape Fear's adjusted opening day would be $217K compared to $114K for American Beauty and $80K for Little Miss Sunshine. The debut shatters the Wednesday platform opening of $53K that J. Edgar managed last November from 7 locations. 

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  • jessied44 said on December 21, 2012 02:49 PM

    Given the outrageous costs of movie tickets and concessions these days, all figures should be adjusted for inflation and percentage of audience so that these films don't look more successful than they actually are.

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