Jackie Chan Conquers Russian Charts

on February 06, 2013

Jackie Chan's latest action film, Chinese Zodiac or CZ12, set two Guinness World Records before the film was even released: Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor, and Most Credits in One Movie. CZ12 tracks Chan's attempt to rescue 12 ancient golden zodiac statues worth over a million euros, a quest that ends in Chan dangling over a volcano. The film grossed over $130 million in China last December, earning it the momentum to place #1 on the Russian charts this weekend with $4.39 million in its first week of release. With a screen average of $5,371 over 809, it also had the highest per-screen success of any film in the top ten. Jackie Chan doesn't have many box office smashes in Russia -- Chinese Zodiac ranks among his highest openers -- but that's due to piracy, not his own popularity.  

Watch the trailer for Chinese Zodiac.

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