Will 'A Good Day to Die Hard' Get a Russian Box Office Bounce?

on February 16, 2013

bruce.pngEarlier this week, the Russian Parliament announced a bill that will severely restrict the number of foreign films shot in Russia. But Hollywood studios have already made peace with anchoring stories in Russia, but filming them elsewhere -- take A Good Day to Die Hard, which is set in Moscow but was actually shot in Hungary. Still, strengthening ties to the growing Russian audience is a smart move. Box office analysts can measure just how smart by tracking the gross of A Good Day to Die Hard, which looks likely to break the $8.6 million total intake of 2007's Live Free or Die Hard. The fifth film in the Bruce Willis franchise made $1.5 million on this Thursday alone, though that number should be taken with an asterisk given the Valentine's holiday. The risk, however, is that Good Day may turn off Russian audiences by bungling its use of the setting. The film annoyed American critics by, among other errors, suggesting that Willis could drive from Moscow to Chernobyl, Ukraine in an afternoon. Russian film fans may be even more sensitive to mistakes, which means word of mouth could crush box office expectations. 

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