Brazilian Campaign for 'A Good Day to Die Hard' Gets Explosive

on February 21, 2013

die_hard_bomb.jpgOn the cusp of its Brazilian opening, A Good Day to Die Hard decided to launch an incendiary ad campaign in the metropolitan subway system. The film is promoting itself with giant sticks of dynamite tied to ticking clocks that count down until the Bruce Willis movie hits theaters. An eye-catching, faux terrorism campaign like this probably couldn't work among American audiences, but even in Rio, it's a bit of a gamble -- recently, the city has been frightened by a series of exploding manholes triggered by an unexplained buildup of gas under the ground. Over 60 manholes in Rio have burst sudden fireballs into the air, injuring dozens of Brazilian pedestrians and raising red flags about the country's ability to solve the problem before the 2014 World Cup. What happens to the explosive A Good Day to Die Hard campaign when the countdown clock hits zero? No official word yet, but the answer may be reflected in its opening weekend box office. 

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