Reality Show 'Rich Women' Rumored to Get Feature Film Deal

on March 01, 2013

rich_women.jpgMulheres Ricas, or Rich Women, received an explosive amount of press when it debuted in January of 2012, with news stories detailing the extravagant lives of Brazil's newly wealthy and their resulting reality show reaching as far as the UK in a Guardian piece that called the TV program, "the first reality show to delve into the lives of the country's growing class of super-rich." From the start, the reality show has stirred controversy, especially in a country that has seen its favela population triple in the last two decades. A Sao Paulo newspaper sneered that the program, "would be comic if it was not tragic." But with the second season winding down, one of the stars has announced that the cast is in negotiations to play themselves in a feature film. Television is Brazil's strongest entertainment industry, so it could be welcome news for theaters to have a popular program spill over into a feature film. Can it beat Sex in the City 2's Brazilian haul of $3.2 million? To the cast, that's pocket change. 

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