Punk Biopic 'We're So Young' Scores Release Date

on March 14, 2013

somos.jpgAfter a two-year delay, the punk rock biopic We're So Young, or Somos Tao Jovens, has pinned down a Brazilian release date of May 3rd. We're So Young is the story of Renato Russo, the infamous Brazilian rocker who was the singer and lead guitarist of the '80s band Legião Urbana, or Urban Legend, who sold nearly 20 million albums during their peak. Russo was a popular and polarizing figure in his home country. He was one of the first musicians to publicly announce his bisexuality in the song "Boys n' Girls," and surprised the nation when he died of AIDS at 36 years old, a secret sickness he's kept hidden for seven years. Thiago Mendonça (Two Sons of Francisco) stars as Russo, while Antonio Carlos da Fontoura (Gatão Half Age) produced and directed. Box office hopes are fairly optimistic for We're So Young as the now-defunct Legião Urbana continues to rack up album sales, and a similar punk rock/AIDS biopic, 2004's Cazuza: Time Don't Stop, was one of Brazil's biggest hits of that year.

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