Steven Seagal Joins Forces With Vladimir Putin

on March 19, 2013

putin_seagal.jpgRussian leader Vladimir Putin is infamous for his efforts to promote physical fitness, among them releasing photos of himself topless riding a horse. For his new campaign, he enlisted frequent visitor Steven Seagal, a celebrity in Russia, to make the trip to Moscow where the pair visited a martial arts school. Putin, like Seagal, holds a black belt in martial arts, though they specialize in judo and aikido, respectively. The recently reelected politician aims to reinstate the exercise programs launched by Stalin in the 1930s. "I think it would be quite appropriate to recall the positive experience of past decades when the so-called GTO, Ready for Labour and Defense, was in use in our country," said Putin in a prepared speech at the school. "The revival of this system -- in a new, modern format -- could bring major benefits."

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