FRANCE: 'Oblivion' Beats 5 New Releases for #1

on April 16, 2013

Oblivion came out on top in a packed weekend in France, grossing $4 million over 574 screens for the top spot. The $7,083 per-screen average was the best in the country. Jappeloup's strong showing finally slowed down, falling 50% and posting the only per-screen average below one thousand dollars in the top ten. Expect the screen count for Jappeloup to drop off by Friday. The film's $14.2 million gross in France is still noteworthy, however, making it the most widely-seen film currently in release. Le Temps de L'aventure was able to sneak in the top ten thanks to a robust per-screen average of $3,887, the highest for a domestic film in the market. Only four of the films in the top ten this weekend come from the United States, once again proving the highly competitive nature of the French market. 

Box Office Results for France. Weekend of April 12-14, 2013.


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