'Autism in Love' Documentary Reaches Out for Kickstarter Support

on April 30, 2013

One of our loyal members from the BoxOffice.com Forums recently brought to our attention a Kickstarter film project that we'd like to share with you this week.

Autism in Love is a feature length documentary film exploring how adults with autism fall in love and manage romantic relationships. The project is nearly 20 percent funded as of the writing of this article, and will only be funded if it reaches $100,000 by Saturday, May 4.

You can check out the film's background and pitch video below, as well as more detailed information of how funding will be distributed and additional clips of the subjects at this Kickstarter link.


What began as research for a book quickly morphed into a feature-length documentary. After all, what better way is there to capture a love story than to see it unfold before your eyes? We've been working on AUTISM IN LOVE for almost 18 months and could not be more excited about the phenomenal people in the autism community we've already had the pleasure of meeting--from participants in our documentary, to passionate parents, to therapists, and everyone in between!

The story is told from several unique perspectives. We're filming couples who are in different stages of their relationships as well as single adults who are actively looking for their soul mate. We're most interested in giving a voice directly to people on the autism spectrum, letting them tell the stories of their ups and downs in the pursuit of love. We will share their remarkable journey with the utmost respect, integrity, and honesty.

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