GLOBAL: Links To Top 10 Charts From The Major Overseas Markets - April 26-28, 2013

on May 02, 2013

Iron-Man-3-Stills-iron-man-33278597-500-301.jpgIron Man 3 has grossed $307M and counting in the overseas markets. The superhero film has shattered records left and right, winning the top spot in each of the countries it opened. The release broke the single-day record in China, not included in our coverage from last week since it was only released on May 1. You can read our daily updates on Iron Man 3's global numbers here. Germany and Russia were the only major markets where Iron Man 3 did not premiere last weekend. The vacancy allowed a second consecutive victory for Russian hockey biopic Legend no. 17 to win in its domestic box office and, somewhat surprisingly, Scary Movie 5 to entertain German audiences in its debut weekend. 

AUSTRALIA: 'Iron Man 3' Records The Highest Disney And Marvel Opening Of All Time.

BRAZIL: 'Iron Man 3' Scores Second-Highest Ever Opening Weekend In Brazil.

CHINA: 'So Young' Slides Ahead Of 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' To Lead Chinese Box Office.

FRANCE: A Robust Weekend Led By $14.9M 'Iron Man 3'.

GERMANY: No Iron Man? No Problem: 'Scary Movie 5' Opens At #1.

ITALY: 'Iron Man 3' Is #1 After $11.1M In First Week.

RUSSIA: 'Legend No. 17' Is #1 For Second Consecutive Weekend.

SOUTH KOREA: 'Iron Man 3' $16.4M Opening Dominates Box Office.

SPAIN: 'Iron Man 3' Is The Only Sign Of Life At The Box Office.

UK: 'Iron Man 3' Is The Undisputed #1 With $21.2M Opening Weekend.

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