JAPAN: 'Iron Man 3' Loses Its First Major Market

on May 08, 2013

53429296680800441582126.jpgMeitantei Conan Private Eye 2013 increased its take by 6% over its third weekend in release to gross $4.6 million and unseat Iron Man 3 from the top spot in the Japanese box office. Japan is the first major market to have Iron Man 3 fall out of the top spot. Iron Man 3 was unseated by a film that's already been in release for three weeks and screening in nearly 200 less theaters. The super hero film slipped down to second place in only its second weekend, conceding the #1 spot despite only falling 13% and grossing $3.6 million.

The weekend saw six other hold-overs increase their take from the previous weekend. Shield of Straw jumped 14%, to fourth place with $2.1 million and reached an $8.8 million cume. Crayon Shin-Chan 2013 saw the biggest gain compared to its previous week's gross, increasing its take by 25% with a $1.9 million weekend and an $8.7 million cume. Even Wreck-It Ralph saw a bump in its seventh week, going up 22% and reaching a $29.6 million cume.  

Box office results for Japan. May 3-5, 2013.


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