UPDATED GLOBAL: 'Fast & Furious 6' Scores $317M in 4-Day Weekend

on May 26, 2013


MONDAY UPDATE: Fast & Furious 6 broke through the $300 million mark on Monday after netting a $317 million global total. The overseas markets accounted for an impressive $197 million of that figure, promising a big summer for the sixth entry in the franchise. The film will hope to get a major push down the stretch in July with its release in its two pending major markets: Japan and China. 


Fast & Furious 6 sped through first place at the global box office, reaching a $275.5 million global total. The impressive debut marks Universal's highest domestic and overseas opening weekend of all time. The number represents a three-day estimate and should be higher when including the Monday grosses from the holiday weekend in the United States. Fast & Furious 6 is only behind Iron Man 3 for the biggest domestic and overseas opening weekend of 2013. An "A" CinemaScore from U.S. audiences, and "A+" from U.S. audiences under 25, should help the film maintain a strong pace in the coming weeks. 

Fast & Furious 6 grossed $158 million over the weekend in 59 territories, taking its overseas cume to $177 million. It is the highest opening weekend of all time in the United Arab Emirates and Argentina. The film has a bigger opening than Iron Man 3 in 21 markets. Fast & Furious 6 has six more territories to open, including Trinidad on May 29, Australia and New Zealand on June 6, Venezuela on June 21, Japan on July 6, and China on July 20.  

The Hangover Part III disappointed in the North American box office but posted strong numbers in the 3 overseas markets it opened, winning the top spot in each of the respective markets. It is important to note, however, that The Hangover Part III did not directly compete with the opening weekend of Fast & Furious 6 in any of those markets. The comedy threequel grossed $9.2 million in the U.K., $9 million in Australia, and $1 million in New Zealand. The film opens in more than fifty overseas markets next weekend.

Iron Man 3 became the #5 highest grossing film of all time globally and the #7 highest grossing film overseas thanks to a strong push over Memorial Day weekend. The film benefited from a $24.6 million four-day North America gross (estimated) and a $17.4 million overseas weekend to reach a whopping $1.142 billion global cume. The film's top overseas markets are China ($117.4M), South Korea ($63.1M), the U.K. ($53.8M), Mexico ($47.4M), Brazil ($45.2M), Russia ($43.6M), and France ($40.1M).

The Great Gatsby reached a $200 million global cume after adding another $24.4 million over the weekend to take its overseas total to $85.6million. The top markets for the film are the United Kingdom ($12.9M), Russia ($11.9M), and France ($10M). The film opens in Australia and Mexico next week.

Epic added another 20 territories this weekend, bringing in $23.1 million to see its overseas cume raise to $44 million. The animated film has now grossed $78.4 million globally. The U.K. brought in the best performance, opening in #3 with $5.1 million. The film grossed $3 million in France, opening in #2 behind Fast & Furious 6. Epic will open in 26 new markets next weekend. 

Star Trek Into Darkness added another $13.1 million over the weekend from 40 territories, taking its overseas cume to $102.1 million despite not opening in any new markets. The sci-fi sequel grossed $2.7 million in the U.K. to take its total in the market to $29.2 million. Germany contributed another $1.9 million despite competition from an all-German Champions League final to reach a $16.2 million total. Russia and Australia each contributed $1.8 million, to take their totals to $9.4 million (Russia) and $12.8 million (Australia). All eyes will be on Star Trek Into Darkness next weekend as it opens in China and South Korea.

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