A New Tax Might Make Bollywood Films More Expensive in Pakistan

on June 14, 2013

A new tax proposed by Pakistan's Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar, is threatening the financial viability of Indian and Hollywood films in the territory, according to a report from Jagran Post.

The tax would apply to films and television programs produced outside of Pakistan, bringing in about $10,147 per film (Rs 1 million in local currency) and $1,014 per television episode (Rs 100,000 in local currency). According to the report, a number of multiplexes in hubs like Karachi and Rawalpindi exclusively screen Bollywood content. The publication suggests the increase might lead to higher ticket prices at multiplexes across the country, where Bollywood and Hollywood films have proven to be popular imports. The higher ticket prices would mitigate the financial hit for distributors and exhibitors, at the extra cost of Bollywood fans across Pakistan. 


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