CHINA: 2013's Box Office Increases 27% Thanks To Strong Domestic Films, Hollywood Dominance Slows

on July 02, 2013

soyoung.jpgA study released by EntGroup reveals that China's overall box office has reached 10.3 billion yuan ($1.68 billion) as of June 23. That marks an impressive 27 percent increase over 2012 at the same point in the year. Chinese films are responsible for 6.47 billion yuan, which gives them an impressive 63 percent market share. In 2012, domestic films accounted for 2.9 billion yuan and a paltry 10% market share at this point in the year. 

146 films were screened in China during the first six months of the year, and 117 of them were home-grown products.

"Ever since the huge success of the low-budget comedy Lost in Thailand, which was released in December, Chinese viewers' enthusiasm and expectations for domestic film productions have jumped," Huang Ting, industry analyst with EntGroup, tells China Daily.


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