CHINA: Study Finds Overwhelming Moviegoer Support For Building New Ratings System

on August 23, 2013


According to a recent survey of 6,000+ Chinese moviegoers conducted by EntGroup, a Beijing-based data company, more than 90% of moviegoers "support" or "accept" establishing a rating system. Only 2.6% believe a rating system should not be implemented and that it would not benefit the film industry.

"Some films released recently, including Journey to the West [pictured above], caused people to complain that they were too scary for kids. Therefore, we believe an appropriate rating system will not only provide better guidance for parents with young children, but also offer more choices for majority of the moviegoing audiences in China," Nancy Wu, director of North American Operations for EntGroup tells BoxOffice. 

The censorship that results from the lack of a ratings system is a major factor that fuels piracy in China. Hollywood releases such as Cloud Atlas and Django Unchained have been heavily trimmed in order to snag a release in China, forcing fans who want to see a filmmaker's true vision to seek it out in other ways. Django suffered quite a bit as a result of censorship. After its release was delayed at the last minute, Quentin Tarantino's unconventional Western opened with a whimper and managed only around $3 million during its run in China.

A ratings system that allows adults to seek out adult entertainment and families to seek out family entertainment would boost a film market that is already growing at a staggering rate.

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