Facebook/Twitter Report Card: 'Prisoners' Shows Promise; 'Battle of the Year' Struggles

on September 19, 2013


By Phil Contrino and Alex Edghill

BoxOffice.com continues our weekly Facebook/Twitter Report Card by taking a closer look at two newcomers: Prisoners and Battle of the Year.


(Warner Bros.)

Facebook Grade: B 

Adult-skewing flicks like Prisoners don't have to do well on Facebook in order to succeed at the box office. Case in point: Flight had 130,000 Facebook likes on the day before it opened in November 2012. For most movies, that would be sign of trouble, yet Flight went on to rake in $162 million globally. Keeping that in mind, the fact that Prisoners just broke 100,000 likes this week doesn't look nearly as bad as it appears to be. We're also confident that Prisoners' Facebook page will start adding likes at a rapid pace after the film opens. The dark drama is bound to stir up a lot of passionate discussions. 

Twitter Grade: C+

We're worried that Prisoners is lagging behind End Of Watch and Argo by a significant margin. Yet if people start buzzing about it Friday night, then the poor performance could be reversed really quick. It would also help a great deal if the media started throwing the word "Oscar" around a bit more when discussing the star-studded drama.

Battle of the Year
(Sony/Screen Gems)

Facebook Grade: D

A movie like Battle of the Year should be generating a lot more activity on Facebook than it is. Last year's Pitch Perfect had nearly four times as many likes on Facebook at the same point in the release cycle. Also, the Step Up franchise has always been good at adding a rush of new likes before each installment. The buzz just isn't there for this one.

Twitter Grade: D

Again, genre expectations create a sense of disappointment in Battle of the Year's performance. The buzz levels for this latest genre entry are a mere fraction--less than 25%--of other major films such as Footloose, Step Up 4 and Pitch Perfect. The target demographic for Battle of the Year is teens and twentysomethings--skewing heavy female--and that's essentially the most tweet active demographic for all films. A failure to inspire that group to tweet is a sign of bad things to come. 

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